Wed.Apr 18, 2012

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Learning is not something to get

Harold Jarche

When times were tough, training departments slashed budgets by replacing face-to-face instruction with online reading. It didn’t work. Tweet.

At last

Doc Searls

Amazon is now shipping my new book, The Intention Economy. Yes, the Kindle version too. They even have the first chapter available for free. You can “look inside” as well. Thanks to Amazon’s search, you can even find stuff that’s not in the index, such as the acknowledgements. The book isn’t for me. This is it.

PKM Workshop: learning out loud

Harold Jarche

Sometimes it helps to learn out loud – LOL. That’s why we commit to formalized activities. They can help us try something new. Tweet.

PKM 54

How to Introduce Autonomous Cars Without Cooking the Planet

Andy McAfee

Many of us can’t wait for autonomous cars, and would pay a lot to have one and be freed up from the hassles of driving. Do you agree

Find the Charlie’s, Justine’s, and Edna’s in your network

Beth Kanter

The  slides are here. His points were: Each person does a little, the community does a lot. Charlie the Artist. He creates eBay charity page.

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