Tue.Apr 24, 2012

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[2b2k][everythingismisc]“Big data for books”: Harvard puts metadata for 12M library items into the public domain

David Weinberger

(Here’s a version of the text of a submission I just made to BoingBong through their “Submitterator”). Harvard University has today put into the public domain (CC0) full bibliographic information about virtually all the 12M works in its 73 libraries. This is (I believe) the largest and most comprehensive such contribution.

Variety and diversity

Harold Jarche

An exact replication of behavior in nature would be disastrous and seen as neurotic in social life. The Internet changes the patterns of connectivity.

PKM is our part of the social learning contract

Jane Hart

Yesterday, Harold Jarche shared the image on the right, in his post To learn, we must do. For me this is spot on. Whereas PKM Social learning

PKM 81

What a Broken Back Taught Me About UX in Healthcare

Adaptive Path

As the daughter of an Emergency Room doctor and nurse who wanted me to follow their lead into medicine, I had a somewhat unusual childhood.

A new symbol for epilepsy in Chinese

Mind Hacks

You can see them ‘in action’ in this YouTube video. However, the link is mistaken as the goats do not have seizures. News Togetherness

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UX Intensive Amsterdam 2012: Strategy Day Snapshot

Adaptive Path

On Monday, April 23, we kicked off our first UX Intensive event of 2012 at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Here's a glimpse of the experience.

Mobile Work

Clark Quinn

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) don’t have to be social, but can be. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? What am I missing? mobile strategy