Wed.Apr 11, 2012

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Loose Hierarchies, Strong Networks

Harold Jarche

While a certain amount of hierarchy may be necessary to get work done, networks naturally route around hierarchy. What would education look like?

Entrepreneurship becomes global: the top 25 startups hubs in the world

Ross Dawson

The Startup Genome project setup a year ago to gather comparative data on startups around the world. Its Startup Compass allows entrepreneurs to compare statistics on their companies with others in their locality and around the world. Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland). 2. New York City (NYC, Brooklyn). 3. London. 4. Paris.

Engineering Life Work Integration

Luis Suarez

I am sure that this may have just happened to everyone out there and on a rather regular basis, too! Specially, if you are a blogger! Indeed! You see?

Works like magic

Mind Hacks

The New York Times has a short but thought-provoking piece on the benefits of supersition and magical thinking. Link to locked study.

Study 53

[2b2k] Editorials and echo chambers

David Weinberger

From a New Yorker article (April 9, 2012) by Adam Gopnick on Camus: Good editorial writing has less to do with winning an argument, since the other side is mostely not listening, than with telling the guys on your side how they ought to sound when they’re arguing…Not “Say this!” ” but “Sound this way!”