Fri.Jun 01, 2012

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MIT global study on social business: Executives increasingly understand the value and success drivers

Ross Dawson

Below the slides of the report I have selected several of the interesting slides with brief commentary. – Survey Questions and Answers.

Study 142

A 100-Day Journey into the Emerging Creative Economy

Seb Paquet

Source: via Seb on Pinterest. I put on my skeptic hat and took a hard look at economics. Source: via Seb on Pinterest.

Price 44

Social systems

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. Ross Ashby ” via @cyetain. things do.”

Pick of the Month: May 2012

Jane Hart

Here is my pick of the resources that I shared on Twitter and in my Pick of the Day in May. Shooting ourselves in the foot. Do we need Learnist?

Feelings of Science

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Rather, he argues that we are governed by a 'moral sense' that tells us when an act is right or wrong. But what would that methodology look like?

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An unplanned post-mortem

Mind Hacks

The testimony of friends and family is filtered through standardised assessments and psychiatric diagnoses. A life is reduced to risk factors.

Study 15

Will this building ever be sold?

Nine Shift

Building way outside of town. With people moving into denser neighborhoods, business will too. Photo by NineShift chief photographer Doyle Darvis


HTLGI2012: of hills, progress and cyborgs

Dave Snowden

The festival is still in its warm up stage with evening events only so I spent the morning working then headed into Hereford to pick up the bike. Given that the weekend involved two evening operas in Cardiff I knew that today was my best change to ride it, and despite the light rain I resolved to make the effort. Reflections

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