Sat.Jul 16, 2011

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The social and the public

David Weinberger

It seems to me that what’s new about Circles (and Twitter’s “Follows&# structure) is the weird way they mix the social and the public. Google Circles are unlike a bunch of people sitting around in a circle talking about stuff, because G Circles are asymmetric: That I’m in your Circle does not mean that you’re in mine.

Business Problems, Trust and Values

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Like many who are not fans of the kind of journalism practiced by the News Corporation in its tabloids and cable news channels, I must admit to feelings of schadenfreude at their current problems in the UK as a result of the phone hacking and related scandals. Solid financials are necessary but not sufficient. What should the company then do?

Free ways

Doc Searls

The first time I heard the term “ Sepulveda pass ,&# I thought it was a medical procedure. Not speaking of which, I no longer have an uvula.

News 28

Antipsychotics and the profit panacea

Mind Hacks

The older drugs block D2 receptors fairly indiscriminately in the brain, including in the nigrostriatal pathway. ’ Inside the Brain Togethernes

Class 27

The Long Tale

Doc Searls

I wrote A World of Producers in December 2008. More importantly, we will be co-producing that video with other people. The Cloud has a similar message.