Sat.Jul 16, 2011

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The social and the public

David Weinberger

It seems to me that what’s new about Circles (and Twitter’s “Follows&# structure) is the weird way they mix the social and the public. Google Circles are unlike a bunch of people sitting around in a circle talking about stuff, because G Circles are asymmetric: That I’m in your Circle does not mean that you’re in mine.

Business Problems, Trust and Values

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Like many who are not fans of the kind of journalism practiced by the News Corporation in its tabloids and cable news channels, I must admit to feelings of schadenfreude at their current problems in the UK as a result of the phone hacking and related scandals.  Obviously, this applies not only in business.  What should the company then do?

Antipsychotics and the profit panacea

Mind Hacks

The older drugs block D2 receptors fairly indiscriminately in the brain, including in the nigrostriatal pathway. ’ Inside the Brain Togethernes

Class 33

Free ways

Doc Searls

The first time I heard the term “ Sepulveda pass ,&# I thought it was a medical procedure. Not speaking of which, I no longer have an uvula.

News 23

Latest Scott Walker Joke

Nine Shift

Eagles are another protected species in Wisconsin