Tue.Apr 03, 2012

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Profits Up, Labor Share Down. Computers Why?

Andy McAfee

Worse than ever, as measured by the nonfarm business sector’s labor share — roughly speaking, the share of GPD going to wages.

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The Virtues of Standing-Up: In Meetings and Elsewhere

Bob Sutton

  I realized that one of the hallmarks, one of the little signs I have learned to look for, is whether people are standing-up or sitting down. 

Portraits of New York from altitude

Doc Searls

Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton and Providence. The day wasn’t quite as clear as the pictures suggest, so I enhanced them a bit.


Amazon Can Say "Asshole" But You Can't

Bob Sutton

This isn't the first time I have written a post like this, but the experience a No Asshole Rule fan had with Amazon today reminded me of how weird their policies are around the book's title.    I got a new one today from Bill.    There isn't much hope of changing the policy: I've tried and so has my publisher.  

Nonprofit Technology Conference: NTC 2012 – Day 1

Beth Kanter

Flickr Photo by The Inadvertent Gardener. It was a high energy, off beat and unique way to open a conference. Conferences

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