Wed.May 09, 2012

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The Web changes business

Harold Jarche

So you think the Web won’t change the business you’re in? Google – Advertising. Craigslist – Classified Ads.

Department of Corrections

Doc Searls

One nice thing about blogging is that you get to correct what you write. Tonight I put up a long post that I had second, third, fourth and fifth and additional thoughts about, and finally decided to kill. I do that a lot, actually. Just not usually with stuff I’ve already put up. But I did it this time.

It’s Not Filter Failure, But Thought For Food

Luis Suarez

Ever since Clay Shirky first used the quote “ It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure ” at the Web 2.0 You name it.

Department of Corrections

Doc Searls

Or about a 300-word piece in a magazine. Such is the case for me right now. I’m in a cranky mood. Credit where due: some of the people writing about The Intention Economy get it well, and have written thoughtful pieces on it. visited some of those a few posts back. But others don’t get what I say in the book — or anywhere. AdAge ? MyDex.

Reflections on My Fifty Year Involvement with Computers

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On May 5, I had the honor of giving the commencement address at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology.  The timing for reflecting on my life and career could not have been better, given that in a few weeks I will be going to Chicago for my 50th high school class reunion , the University of Chicago Lab School Class of 1962. 

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Clark Quinn

I was talking today with an organization that has mentoring as a very core feature of their culture, and it got me reflecting on the fantastic luck I’ve had in my career. Even before working, I had some great teachers, and then many folks have helped shape me through my job experience. They also lived what great student development was.