Tue.May 10, 2011

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In Defense of Hard

Adaptive Path

The permeation of software in society has given everyone the opportunity to do what only professionals were capable of in years past. Recommendations.

[berkman] Culturomics: Quantitatve analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

David Weinberger

NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters.

The New Old Phone Business

Doc Searls

Just about everybody I know who has heard about the sale of Skype to Microsoft has groaned about it. Myself included. No doubt it makes sense for the entities involved. eBay, various investors and the founders all make money on the deal. Microsoft/Nokia now gets to be Microsoft/Nokia/Skype. Same meatloaf, new gravy. As for Facebook, I have no idea.

Curating our personal technology configurations

Nancy White

(Crossposted on Technology for Communities and Network Weaving CoP ). What is a Technology Configuration? For example, see [link] ).

My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2

Luis Suarez

Totally recommended if you are a heavy gamer! Quality: What can I say about quality that hasn’t been said already about Apple’s products?

Price 31

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Three best shots

Doc Searls

The Santa Barbara Arts Collective is looking for worthy photographs to hang in the Mayor’s office. This oil platform. This one of a fire dancer.

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-10

Jane Hart

Virtual Trust by @ hjarche [link] < But as Harold says, "Trust, it seems, doesn’t sell stuff" #. More about trust – this one "Trust for teachers" – in praise of Finland's education system [link] #. The C4LPT Daily is out! link] #. Why not Both! link] by @ fdomon <Of course! #. Powered by Twitter Tools.