Fri.Apr 13, 2012

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Design Principles for Complex, Unpredictable, People Oriented Systems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

An IBM Global CEO Study conducted in 2010 concluded that complexity was the primary challenge emerging out of its conversations with 1,500 CEOs and senior government officials. CEOs told us they operate in a world that is substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex. CEOs now realize that creativity trumps other leadership characteristics.

System 109

When the Learner is the Teacher, Do We Need Instructional Designers?


It’s a new world out there for the Instructional Designer. It’s an entirely different canvas, with new colors on the pallet. It’s no longer about producing 3-ring binders, or monolithic eLearning. It’s about harnessing the new ways of learning that are enabled by a new breed of technology, and a cultural shifts in how we use it. I think not.

City flow

Mind Hacks

Who knows what this social hiccup does to the overall efficiency? It’s an interesting problem that has a parallel with thermodyanmics.

Data Nerd Alert: Social Networking Benchmark Report 2012

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: This is a banner week for data nerds! Frank Barry shares this guest post summarizing results. Tweet It!]. Tweet It!]. Tweet It!].

Mirroring society

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. Vint Cerf” via @quinnorton. Tweet. Friday's Finds

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Personal Knowledge Management Online Workshop

Jane Hart

Online Workshop runs 23 April – 4 May 2012. Hosted by Jane Hart and facilitated by Harold Jarche at the Social Learning Centre. Social learning

Signposts for the Week Ending April 13

Adaptive Path

AUDI builds a studio and hires a composer to help its silent electric cars generate noise dynamically. The original pitch video for The Muppet Show. Weird and wonderful. Marketplace footage of how an iPad is made. Congrats to former Adaptive Path practitioner Alexa and the team at Foodspotting for being nominated for a Webby Award ! Design is a job.

[2b2k] The power of extreme diversity

David Weinberger

Brian Millar has a brief article in FastCompany about his company’s strategy of consulting “extreme customers” to get insight into existing products and ideas for new ones. He writes, “You can learn a lot about mobile phones by talking to a power user. ” And. I can assure you, we had their full attention.

Textbook example of emotionally intelligent signage

Dan Pink

Back in the old days, when an international team of Ph.D. But last week Kathleen Curry sent us a sign that meets the classic, original definition.

Friday Fun: The Difference b/t Apple & Microsoft Is …

Dan Pontefract

… clocks. It’s a tad important to know the time. sorry gals, not your biological one). Right? Right??? Friday Fun humour friday fun humor

Course 2

Friday Fun: The Difference b/t Apple & Microsoft Is …

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: … clocks. It’s a tad important to know the time. Right? Right???