Wed.May 30, 2012

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After Bitly’s fail

Doc Searls

Last night huge thunderstorms moved across New Hampshire, and later across Boston. So I thought I’d tweet that. extension in my Chrome browser.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World

Luis Suarez

In the world of the Social Web who would have thought about that, right? It will take time, we all know that, but will we be ok about it though?

It’s time to focus on your LQ

Harold Jarche

Learning is everywhere in the connected workplace. We’re not used to handling all of this learning on our own.

A Few Good Pinterest Tools, Tips, and Resources

Beth Kanter

Pinning Our Lives: Pinterest and Beyond View more presentations from Aliza Sherman. Source Convince and Convert. 1. Integration. Research. Visual

An Emerging Platform for Digital, Inclusive Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The Internet era was born in the mid 1990s. On August 9, 1995, Netscape ’s IPO caught the world by storm. It marked the passage of the Internet from a network primarily used by universities, research labs and geeks in general, to a platform with a vastly expanded reach and connectivity. Three such advances particularly stand out.

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Flipping assessment

Clark Quinn

Inspired by Dave Cormier’s learning contract , and previous work at learner-defined syllabi and assessment, I had a thought about learner-created project evaluation rubrics. I’m sure this isn’t new, but I haven’t been tracking this space (so many interests, so little time), so it’s a new thought for me at any rate ;).

HTLGI2012: Ever onwards!

Dave Snowden

In case of confusion, this post is part of a catch up exercise, one month late (sigh) so written in July, posted with a May date but I am sure readers can sort out which comment relates to which date! Having driven to Oxford and back at high speed, we just made it back to Hay in time to make Don Cupitt's talk on progress only five minutes in.

The virtue of self-restraint

David Weinberger

Last night was the annual Berkman dinner. Lovely. It inevitably turned into a John Palfrey love fest, since he is leaving Harvard very soon, and he is much beloved. People stood and spoke beautifully and insightfully about what John has meant to them. Jonathan Zittrain and Ethan Zuckerman in addition were predictably hilarious.)


Dave Snowden

I first went to this celebration of Philosophy and Music last year for a few days and resolved to spend the full ten days in 2012. The festival is symbiotic with the more well known Hay Festival which is now an international traveling circus of the cognoscenti. It is smaller, more intimate, less focused on books, more on ideas. Reflections