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iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning


changed the game by providing us with a new direct channel for ILT materials – the eBook. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. Of course not!

eBook 59

Beyond eBooks

Clark Quinn

Because, frankly, the ebook formats are still too limited. We can now embed the digital media within ebooks. Why ebooks, not on the web? However, we can’t quite do what I want with ebooks. The ebook standards don’t yet support it, though they could. I think it’s primarily about the ergonomics.

eBook 31

Control your dreams (ebook)

Mind Hacks

Anyone can learn to have lucid dreams, and this ebook tells you how. The ebook is written as a sort of travel guide, telling you what you need to take on your journey and what to expect when you start to lucid dream. “Control your dreams” is my second self-published ebook. Sweet Dreams! Authors books

eBook 29

Explore your blind spot (free ebook)

Mind Hacks

I’ve written an ebook called ‘Explore your blind spot’ It’s about, er, exploring your blind spot! In the ebook I talk about how it provides a great example of the way consciousness is constructed despite ‘missing’ information. Link to Explore your blind spot , a free ebook by Tom Stafford.

eBook 41

The enormous opportunity for writers and readers in an ebook world

Ross Dawson

Last Friday I was interviewed on ABC’s News Exchange program about ebooks and their impact.

eBook 46

12% have borrowed an ebook from their library, but most don’t know they can

David Weinberger

A new report from Pew Internet says that most Americans don’t know that they can borrow e-books from their local public libraries, while 12% of e-book readers (16 years and older) have borrowed an e-book from their local public library. More than 75% of local public libraries in the US do lend out e-books.). Thank you, Pew!

eBook 16

25 Interactions for eLearning - Free eBook

Tony Karrer

BJ Schone has published a nice little eBook and has an associated blog that provides some interactions that can be used in eLearning that will make the learning more fun and engaging. Would love some pointers to other such lists to provide here. Raptivity's list of interaction types.


eBook on eGov

David Weinberger

You can download a free PDF of a new anthology about egovernment, called State of the eUnion, edited by John Gotze. I haven’t read it, but there are some excellent contributors. Disclosure: I’m one of the not-so-excellent contributors

eBook 2

The Environment and eBook Readers

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Of more concern are the materials used to create ebooks, and in particular, the minerals and the energy. And while some of these materials are "exotic metals from oppressed and war-torn countries" the problem here is not the ebook readers themselves but rather the conditions under which we extract the materials. Good luck.

eBooks in the WSJ

Steven Berlin Johnson

The folks at the Wall Street Journal very nicely asked me to write a cover story for their Journal Report on technology, which is on the stands today. The piece is here online, but if you get a chance, check in out in print (ironic, I know.) They dedicated the whole front page of the section to the story, which is really cool to see.

finding perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

My second ebook, finding perpetual beta , is now available. The ebook is available for $24. license. individual $24.00 Highlights. Sense.

eBook 152

eBooks and Books Online

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to Richard Nantel : Just to respond to the comments, I think there is a very big difference between eBooks and books that are online. What we are seeing online is not an increase in the popularity of eBooks per se. These are, of course, free and open access books (whether legal or not). Samsung or iPod). I already have that.

Free eBook - Visualizing Information

Tony Karrer

Found via Nancy White - Visualizing Information for Advocacy: An Introduction to Information Design from the Tactical Technology Collective - a free, beautiful overview book around visual information design

Apple blocking books that link to Amazon

David Weinberger

Apple, apparently, won’t carry an ebook that contains a link to buy a hardcover book from Amazon. Second, the vertical integration of this market — the dominate sellers of ebook hardware are also the dominant sellers of ebooks — imposes a similar cultural obligation. Although it pleases me to be linked to by Seth

eBook 98

Seeking perpetual Beta

Harold Jarche

ebook. After 10 years of blogging here, I have compiled my best posts into an ebook. The latter is suitable for printing. Introduction.

eBook 150

Coming September 27, An Addendum to The Purpose Effect

Dan Pontefract

You can order it as an eBook via the regular channels including Amazon , Chapters-Indigo , Barnes & Noble , and Kobo.

eBook 77

books in perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

— I am starting to plan for the third ebook in this series. Finding Perpetual Beta is now in production. A new model for work is required.

eBook 101

Ten Years, Ten Thoughts

Harold Jarche

Here are some highlights, representing one thought per year. Leadership in networks does not come from above, as there is no top. Books

eBook 89

Six roles of network management

Harold Jarche

As a result, work gets done very quickly, such as our first ebook , that would have taken months to complete by a central marketing department.

the FLAT ARMY cheat sheet

Dan Pontefract

hardcover and ebook versions). Perhaps a ‘ try before you buy’ approach? Fair enough. Let me do my best and help you out in 559 words.

Findings Is Hiring

Steven Berlin Johnson

If you're interested in the future of text, social reading, ebooks, and serendipitous discovery, this is a great project to get involved with, working in a dynamic and fun office with the rest of the Betaworks crew in Manhattan. But for now, I wanted to say that we are hiring -- looking for both a Python and Interface Engineer.

eBook 38

We are the media, now what?

Harold Jarche

I recently rewrote and reposted that conclusion, as it is the starting point for my next ebook, finding perpetual beta , which will be out this month.

eBook 90

Organize for Complexity

Harold Jarche

” Well I think Niels has answered much of that question himself, in his recent book Organize for Complexity. PKMastery is disciplined practice.

Book notice

David Weinberger

As Publishers Weekly puts it, in June ebooks jumped while print plunged: $80.2MM e-books. 84.9MM hardcover. 48.4MM trade paperback.

eBook 21
eBook 21

Race Against…: The Dead Tree Version

Andy McAfee

It’s more expensive than the ebook ($14.99 It’s an ideal complement to the ebook, and it also stands on its own. vs. $3.99).

"Ebooks: The sceptics" (Guardian UK) What a load of crap!

Mark Oehlert

So I guess the Guardian (UK) went out and asked some authors how they felt about eBooks. Finally, one is actually " horrified by the idea of ebooks" and that she loves the "feel and production of books, and I covet them as possessions.". One author laments not being able to spy out what people are reading on the train. I get that.

Our future depends on the humanization of work

Ross Dawson

One of the reasons that my focus is increasingly shifting to the future of work is that it is in fact a large part of the future of humanity.

eBook 151

New E-Book: Measurement 101 for Nonprofits by KD Paine @queenofmetrics

Beth Kanter

Part 1: Why Every Nonprofit Needs This eBook Now. Why else would everyone call her The Queen of Metrics! Part 4: How To Measure Engagement.

eBook 28

The Kindle - Prepping the Ground for eBook advances

Mark Oehlert

Love it or hate it - the Kindle is acting a bit like a bow wave on the e-book front. This post from Crave lays out some of the specs of a new.

My Guides to using social media

Jane Hart

For those of you who have been waiting for the eBook version of my Social Learning Handbook, you will be pleased to note that it is now available. This book is intended for Workplace Learning Professionals and in Part 1 considers the emergence of social media, its impact on workplace learning, the range of [.]. Books Facebook Twitter

eBook 11

Among the Techonomists

Andy McAfee

In his 2010 ebook The Great Stagnation Cowen argued that it’s not. In our 2011 ebook Race Against the Machine we argue that it is — that technological innovation is going great guns at present — and that our labor force woes are due primarily to tech progress, not stagnation.

eBook 28

Has HarperCollins lost its mind or its soul?

David Weinberger

I understand publishers’ desire to limit ebook access so that selling one copy doesn’t serve the needs of the entire world. HarperCollins has changed its agreement with the main distributor of e-books to libraries: e-books will now become inaccessible after 26 checkouts. It’s beyond ironic.

Changing the world of work

Harold Jarche

Change Agents Worldwide has just released its first ebook featuring 21 views on the future of work. – @chagww. – Thierry de Baillon.

Change 108

Project Aha!

Jay Cross

I plan to write an eBook on learning for learners. is a set of practices I’m developing to help pull-workers learn to learn. Who knows.)

Serious Comics

Clark Quinn

And this is very doable in ebook formats, even if the ‘game’ is just a mini-scenario or several, but with HTML 5 embedded you could do more. I attended ComicCon again this year, and addition to the wild costumes, crowded exhibit hall, and over-priced food, there are a series of sessions. These are actually both serious issues.

eBook 51

Anatomy Of An Idea

Steven Berlin Johnson

Findings lets you organize important quotations from eBooks or the Web, but it also allows you to follow other users' quotations. (My Finally, this simple, but amazing fact: almost none of this--Twitter, blogs, PDFs, eBooks, Google, Findings--would have been intelligible to a writer fifteen years ago What's the moral of this story?

eBook 119

Leadership for the Network Era

Harold Jarche

— You can support my writing by purchasing my latest ebook: finding perpetual beta. Power and Leadership. building compliance. Leadershi

Inkling for iPad: eTextbook Reading Done Right

Adaptive Path

Tags: Experience Design iPad apple ebook inkling reading

New Book "Smart Boys, Bad Grades" Premieres

Nine Shift

Last week Julie and I premiered our new eBook, "Smart Boys, Bad Grades," at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York City. You can get the new eBook in one of two ways on our new web site You can purchase it for $4.95 OR you can join our citizens group Parents of Boys (no cost to join) and get the eBook FREE.

New Horizon Report: Alan Levine – Mindmap

Clark Quinn

For the near term (< 1 year), he identified the two major technologies as ebooks and mobile devices (with a shoutout for my book : very kind).

eBook 28