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1,000+ Learning & Performance Tools

Jane Hart

Looking for some new ideas for tools to support your work? Here are the links to the pages in my  Directory of Learning & Performance Tools , which lists over 1,000 tools  in 4 main categories as shown below. Want to add or amend a tool’s details? What are your favourite tools for learning? CONTENT TOOLS.

Tools 109

Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration

Luis Suarez

Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit around the topic of Social / Open Business Transformation. To quote: . People become unnecessary.

My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #9

Luis Suarez

Refind : I have always been a huge fan of social bookmarking! Probably, around the range of 60 to 70 apps that I use on a regular basis.

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

Social learning is about getting things done in networks. Social bookmarks are searchable and can be shared within a group or made public.


Harold Jarche

basic tool I’ve described for PKM is social bookmarking to file information. Management – getting things done.

Better Memory

Tony Karrer

The reality is that we were all trained in school to use metacognitive / metamemory methods and tools as a supplement to our knowledge.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Existing Adoption At the very start I asked the audience for examples of where they were currently using these tools as part of learning solutions. Question 1 - What are the most likely ways / places your organization might or does use Blogs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking or Collaboration Tools?

Working online is different

Harold Jarche

Currently, my favourites are Zorap ; Skype and Google Documents. Using wikis or Google Documents means that everyone can see what the others have contributed. With volcanic ash grounding most flights in northern Europe, I’ve been thinking about web conferencing and distributed work. But it’s not about the technology.

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Social Media Strategy Planning & Measurement – What’s Working? Social media, however, is like a river you swim in.

eLearning 2.0 Random Thoughts based on Chat

Tony Karrer

You learn about this using these tools and scanning sources like blogs, trying things out, forcing yourself to make time to learn. Social Bookmarking and Wikis and Blogs are a form of social networking I never said this, but several people pointed it out in the chat. Using social bookmarking or meme tracking works okay.

Personal Learning Environments and personal learning environments

Tony Karrer

There's some truth to that, but at the end of my What's New in eLearning session (on blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, rss readers, etc.) my final point was that we each needed to become better learners. There's been quite a bit of discussion going on around Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and personal learning environments.

Knowledge sharing, one at a time

Harold Jarche

PKM is our part of a social learning contract that makes us better off individually and collectively. That is a grand illusion.&#


ASTD Follow-Up

Tony Karrer

Tools for eLearning. Knowledge Work Framework Tilde Effect Concept Worker Knowledge Work Not Separate from Learning Tool Set 2009 Search Better Memory Network Learning Information Radar Remote Collaboration Common eLearning 2.0 Are there any companies have done a good job in implementing the tools you described? would look like?

Examples of eLearning 2.0

Clark Quinn

internal processes on wiki starting to use wikis internally Moving faculty bookmarks to Delicious use wiki for learners to craft definition of 'seamless service' after searching orgs that proclaim to provide seamless service We hope to build wikis that our students can use to share information. approaches. These make sense.

CoP Series #8: Content and Community

Nancy White

The ability to use these tools to find and aggregate content can also be used to link people to that content. We can mean many things. link].

New Technology Supporting Informal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Garrote, 2007) More recently, social networking technologies have come to be applied to content and learning management systems. Dignan, 2008) The core of a social networking technology is the capacity to create links between members in a community - to create, in other words, social networks. Tools. Akili, G. K. 2007).

2008 2009

Tony Karrer

for Learning Professionals (20) Tools Used (18) Learning 2.0 Is the barrier the lack of free access to the tools? Was great at DevLearn.

Increasing “Jointness” and Reducing Duplication in DoD Intelligence

Martijn Linssen

tools such as wikis, blogs, social bookmarking services, and document storage all of which were indexed by Google Search Appliance.

I Know It When I See It : Andrew McAfee’s Blog

Andy McAfee

Established vendors of collaboration software are modifying their offerings and repositioning them as social software platforms that have all the features and functions necessary to support the new modes of interacting and getting work done. think your list of criteria works well also as a general definition of social software. McAfee.

Last Year's eLearn Magazine Predictions

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Social and Informal Blends: Add one part informal learning, one part social networking and swirl in classrooms, e-learning, and online webinars, and you have some new recipes. Single sign-in will finally arrive, and new services enabled by this (such as socially supported content filtering) will sweep the web. HD learning?