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Delicious will be shut down. What to do and 6 major alternatives for social bookmarking.

Ross Dawson

will close down Delicious. to make Delicious open source or otherwise try to keep it alive rather than close it down. So… if Delicious disappears what will Delicious users (of which I am one) do? The Next Web: 6 Solid Alternatives to Delicious. delicious evernote historious pinboardin socialbookmarking zootool

Delicious Upgrade

Tony Karrer

And today, I just saw - Delicious Preview - Next Gen Search For Yahoo? and Delicious 2.0. Yesterday, at my presentation Introduction to eLearning 2.0 - ASTD OC , I mentioned that Yahoo MyWeb had a few features that was sorely missing. It looks like search across content of bookmarked pages has been addressed. Delicious

Steven Berlin Johnson

For Delicious, the primary data are the bookmarks, the corresponding user tags, and the relationships among the tags. And Other Questions.

Delicious Upgrade Only Skin Deep

Clark Quinn

I personally think delicious is a great tool and I often describe it's use in presentations and workshops. It recently went through an upgrade that improved the look and performance. However, it interestingly left out a lot of what I said was missing in my post - Yahoo MyWeb better than, rollyo,

Delicious Upgrade Only Skin Deep

Tony Karrer

I personally think delicious is a great tool and I often describe it's use in presentations and workshops. It recently went through an upgrade that improved the look and performance. However, it interestingly left out a lot of what I said was missing in my post - Yahoo MyWeb better than, rollyo,

Brilliant Conference Lunch Idea

Nancy White

Kudos to  Elm Café and Duchess Bake Shop for the delicious food and the creative presentation! This is brilliant from TEDX Edmonton. Green.

Using social media for onboarding

Harold Jarche

collected several online resources and bookmarked “onboarding” on Diigo & Delicious. Start the process as early as possible.

FAQ 90

My Top Tools 2014

Harold Jarche

SEEK. 3 (3): Diigo: Social bookmarks are a quick way for me to save a web page and find it easily (Diigo allows me to auto-backup to Delicious ).

Tools 60

Automation For The People

Dan Pontefract

have never visited Weaver D’s Delicious Fine Foods restaurant yet, but when I do get there, I know there will be a smiling human being serving me.

Pluto is a planet in Illinois

David Weinberger

The delicious, delicious madness. The Illinois state legislature has declared Pluto a planet. Ah, when will the madness stop?

So you think you can scrape?

David Weinberger

If you’re thinking about scraping a web page to extract the delicious data bits from it, ScraperWiki looks like a great place to start. It’s got tools, examples, and a community. Right now the tools are in Ruby, Python and PHP, but they’re thinking about adding Javascript. Looking forward to it…

To learn, we must do

Harold Jarche

Blogging and connecting led to Google Analytics, Delicious, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter, and now Google Plus. To learn, we must do. Tweet.

Starting to work out loud

Harold Jarche

Using tools like Diigo , or Delicious moves them off a single device, makes them more searchable, and (later) makes them shareable.

eLearning Learning Launches New Features

Tony Karrer

Over on eLearning Learning , we've just launched a new version with some great new features. You can change the Edition at any time.

Tuning time and place

Doc Searls

To become one, designate a Delicious account for the purpose, spin up your own topical hub , and tell me about it. Or try. I’ve always found Delicious a little too labor-intensive, but then blogging in Wordpress’ writing window (as I’m doing now) is a PITA too. He hacks some solutions. really like Jon’s idea.

eLearning Learning Adds Personalized Subscriptions

Tony Karrer

The system then uses social signals such as those coming from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, delicious as well as clicks and views.

Ask what value you can add

Harold Jarche

Posting a social bookmark to a service like Delicious does not create additional noise for your networked peers in a social network.

Top 10 Tools for Learning

Harold Jarche

Jane Hart is asking for submissions to her annual Top 100 Tools for Learning. Please vote, in the next 10 days, before it closes for another year.

Tools 36

Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

also did some quick searches for various kinds of things and added them into eLearning Learning (via delicious). I received an inquiry about resources that would help instructors who are about to move into teaching online courses. It made me immediately think back to my first experience with an online session. There was zero feedback.

my pkm story

Harold Jarche

In addition, I played with several feed readers (currently Feedly) and a series of social bookmark platforms (Furl; Magnolia; Delicious; Diigo).

PKM 116


Jay Cross

Show me what others are interested in, as with social bookmarks like Diigo and Delicious. It’s a both a discipline and a living book.

FAQ 88

Curating our personal technology configurations

Nancy White

For a while I was obsessed with tagging material that helped us see others’ configuration, via my  Delicious tags. Any guidance for me?

Zero switching cost

Jay Cross

When my Internet Time Alliance colleague Harold Jarche switched from Delicious to Diigo, I figured I should probably do the same. Diigo has made it drop-dead simple to swap your tags from Delicious into their app. They even make it easy to update Delicious and Diigo in parallel. Welcome to Diigo! You can check them at [link].

What Kind of FOO am I?

Andy McAfee

There were delicious food and beverages, wifi and meeting rooms, showers and towels, and every other form of hospitality appropriate to the occasion.

1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

Jane Hart

Bookmarking.  18- Diigo  48- Delicious. OFFICE TOOLS. Office suites.  3- Google Docs/Drive   87- OpenOffice. Document tools. Note-taking.

Tools 54

Harold Jarche » Blogs and social media for beginners

Harold Jarche

The Dark Side of Technology

John Hagel

  There’s a delicious paradox here: the very same technologies that bring us awesome opportunity and new possibilities are at the very same time bringing us mounting performance pressure, accelerating change and growing uncertainty. I’m going to disrupt the Silicon Valley script. You know the one.  What do I mean? Far from it.

Internet Time Blog » Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better

Jay Cross

Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All

Luis Suarez

And I guess the experience has been somewhat rather positive so far, because a few days later, I’m still there , having a blast. Even for us.

Tools 112

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

Social bookmarking services, such as Delicious, enable us to categorize and annotate Web pages. Delicious). In California, Ray Prock, Jr.

Content Curators

Dan Pontefract

It’s certainly supplementary and much more useful than  Delicious or other bookmarking sites as well. Let’s think of this as the curate stage.

Want influence? Make yourself useful.

Doc Searls

In it he takes someting I said, follows three links in it to three different pieces, and writes deeply about all of them, in ways I had not anticipated, which makes the whole thing even more delicious. “Influence” is hot s**t these days. That’s pretty good. It makes my day when it happens. 123,000! That’s heady stuff.

PKM in 2013

Harold Jarche

Using tools like Diigo, or Delicious moves them off a single device, makes them more searchable, and (later) makes them shareable. Innovation.

PKM 144

The Designer’s Guide to Brooklyn

Adaptive Path

Anselm – delicious steakhouse. Deciding where to take our UX Intensive workshops is usually based on demand, requests from would-be or past participants or suggestions from AP staff. large majority of our AP staff is either originally from the east coast, studied at east coast schools or worked somewhere along the eastern seaboard.

Where’s your data?

Harold Jarche

Delicious: OPML file downloaded monthly. Facebook: no backup, but nothing worth losing, IMO. LinkedIn: contact information copied to Hard Drive.

After 61 years, I learn how to make french fries

David Weinberger

And failing. Their best parts stay stuck to the frying pan, the bastards. I’e tried aluminum and steel sheets, non-stick sheets, and sheets lined with aluminum foil. Yesterday I coated the little darlings with oil in a bowl before putting than on the baking sheet. Bingo! Fried heaven!

What Should We Think of Machines that Think?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” is one of Arthur C. as its annual question. But wait!  What does this all mean? 

Manual, not automatic, for sense-making

Harold Jarche

Now I make a weekly summary of my favourites: reviewed, filtered and reassessed. That’s about it. Friday's Finds

Open Source eLearning Tools

Tony Karrer

Learning on the Leading Edge , February 9, 2009 Harold Jarche » Open Source LMS - Learning and Working on the Web , June 25, 2006 Selecting an Open-Source Online Course Development and Delivery Platform - Tony Karrer delicious links , February 16, 2010 Have LMSs Jumped The Shark? Here’s some of what I pulled out.

Active Training: To Get Nonprofit Audiences Engaged, Keep Them Moving

Beth Kanter

Keeping nonprofit audiences engaged during training can improve your outcomes. Movement can also incorporate what you’re training on.