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Social Learning: Key resources from January

Jane Hart

Here is my pick of 10 articles about social learning since my last posting just before Christmas. ” Social learning

There Is Nothing Wrong With The Term ‘Company Culture’

Dan Pontefract

The headline from Harvard Business Review read, Why “Company Culture” Is a Misleading Term. ” WHAT? ” He’s right.

5 Use Cases for a Corporate YouTube in Organizations

Dan Pontefract

Previously I’ve discussed the benefits and uses of micro-blogging , badging and virtual worlds inside an organization. 1) Social Learning.

Social learning: the freedom to act and cooperate with others

Harold Jarche

The Net, especially working and learning in networks, subverts many of the hierarchies we have developed over hundreds of years. SocialLearnin

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

Moving Towards a Culture of Sharing. Exchanging Ideas; Improving Culture, Knowledge and Networks. Henry Ford. Risks and Pitfalls.

An 8 Year-Old Does Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

I’ ve got a story to share for any education institution at any level out there that believes learning isn’t part formal, informal and social.

Supporting Everyday Workplace Learning

Jane Hart

This 8-week workshop introduces you to some of the key ways to promote and support personal and team learning in the workplace. Social learnin

Yammer 149

Exploring Social Learning and Smarter Working Webinar

Jane Hart

Free Webinar: Wednesday, March 30 at 6 PM (GMT) / 1 PM (EDT) / 10 AM (PDT) / Do you have burning questions about social learning, web 2.0 Want to find out how other organizations are grappling with the culture, politics and governance of implementing informal learning? and working smarter? Webinar

Key social learning resources: part 3

Jane Hart

This is the third part of my four-part series curating key social learning resources for TrainingZone’s social learning month. The first piece this week comes from Charles Jennings, who looks at why the real power of e-learning is social. “This social might is now moving toward your company.

100 Twitter accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)

Jane Hart

A philomath is a lover of learning. History & Culture. Google Facts : @Google Facts Learn new things every day. Wikipedia).

Social as a Weapon of Class Destruction

Dan Pontefract

the physical place we go to learn. Becoming more social is not just a new business driver but also a societal imperative.”

Class 107

The Day SAP Ruined a Good Thing

Dan Pontefract

But first, let me explain the remarkable organization and team I was a part of for those five years. This post was four years in the making.

Video 72

Noticing; the first step to a learning organization

Harold Jarche

Those who design the tests are answerable to those who learn and those who teach. Those who teach are only responsible to those who learn and are subjected to tests. Learning SocialLearningTweet Five years ago I suggested that those who teach will not test : Anyone who teaches is not allowed to test.

Through the Workscape Looking Glass

Jay Cross

Your Workscape is everything in your organization except the training department. It’s relationships and culture and secret sauce. Blogs.

FAQ 122

Isn’t this how organizational learning cultures progress?

Jay Cross

Just as bicycles did not eliminate walking and cars did not do away with automobiles, informal learning doesn’t snuff out formal learning.

Q&A on the Future of Social, Mobile and eLearning

Dan Pontefract

I was asked to comment on a few questions related to eLearning, social learning, etc. Let’s refer to this as formal learning.

Supporting self-managed team learning in the organisation

Jane Hart

This is a post in a series that I am writing about how the future role of L&D is moving from “packaging learning” to “scaffolding learning”.

The role of the L&D function IS changing.

Jane Hart

Although many training teams added staff during the year, these additions were outpaced by faster growth in learning populations.

Change 109

The Social C-Suite

Dan Pontefract

The Social C-Suite. Is the use of internal social media and social learning helping to drive up employee engagement?

“Never get sucked into the ‘company knows best’ approach to your career”

Jane Hart

“In today’s digital economy, you are only as good as your network … When work is learning, and learning is the work, organizations need to look at how good people are at actively engaging in learning networks. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Top 100 Tools for Learning list 3 April 2016.

The role of the Personal Learning Advisor: supporting everyday workplace learning

Jane Hart

This 4-week workshop introduces you to some of the key ways to promote and support personal learning in the workplace, as a Personal Learning Advisor.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. Businesses are being transformed into social businesses. The Evolllution.

Who should be your Chief Collaboration Officer?

Jane Hart

More recently Jacob Morgan asked the question, Do organizations need a Chief Collaboration Officer? Collaboration Social learning

Everything’s Coming Up Networks (except learning)

Jay Cross

Sloan Management Review has a great interview with Andy McAfee on What Sells CEOs on Social Networking. Networks were made for learning.

How to Replace Top-down Training with Collaborative Learning (2)

Jay Cross

In the Hierarchical organization, employees were the only people who received corporate training. Two out of three Chief Learning Of?cers

Chief Learning Officer Job Description: Change Needed

Dan Pontefract

and Learning 2.0 No longer should the term learning be the only adjective used to describe this new 2.0 Social Learning.

Dear Kirkpatrick’s: You Still Don’t Get It

Dan Pontefract

Excellent, however, you further dig a hole by equating training and events to learning as the sole way in which we learn. Reverse?

My Long Weekend Of Hope And Inspiration

Dan Pontefract

Indeed, the day was another learning experience for me. It started in Parksville, British Columbia. “What’s that?” I did not.

How to replace top-down training with collaborative learning (1)

Jay Cross

x what’s broken, let’s imagine what ideal corporate learning would look like if we could start over from scratch. In the pursuit of trying to ?x

Why Don’t We Tip Flight Attendants?

Dan Pontefract

customer service innovation leadership organizationIn my career I’ve done a fair amount of traveling. more on the latter another day).

Tips 63

Employee Access to Social Media in the Workplace Decreases

Dan Pontefract

You might find it odd for a law firm, but they’re really interested in social media too. Introducing the Digital Learning Quadrants.

Where Social Learning Thrives

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Growing a culture of service is more like planting a garden than building a shed. A social learning culture requires design, training, guidance, leadership, monitoring and celebrating successes, large and small. People need to know where the organization is headed and why it matters.

Micro-Blogging is Good for Leadership, Good for Your Culture

Dan Pontefract

Inside the organization, a dilemma now exists and is rapidly taking shape. So what has this got to do with leadership and culture?

Why You Must Define the So-What of Learning

Dan Pontefract

Whether you work for a private family-owned business, a publicly traded corporation or in the kindergarten-to-higher-education continuum somewhere, you’re going to have to define learning – whether it’s for your employees, colleagues or students. In my opinion, learning is part formal, informal and social. It always was.

Where Does Leadership of Social Media Lie?

Dan Pontefract

Anybody catch the chief learning officer title in that exhaustive list? Social media is not the next flavor of the month. Really?

Can Leaders Lead From the Side?

Dan Pontefract

Rest assured, everyone else in the organization not in positions of power will continue to respect your title, your experience and your authority.

network leadership = adapting to perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

A new culture emerges. Trust is the glue that holds creative organizations together, not rules and regulations. It becomes more trusting.

Learning is the Work

Beth Kanter

Dave Gray : Dave Gray is a guru on the topics of design, innovation, culture and change. Why is learning the new important? Gender.

Fish & Chips and Malt Vinegar (inseparable organizational pieces)

Dan Pontefract

to the fish, Organizational Evolution to the chips and for me, malt vinegar playing the part of formal, informal and social learning.

Making collaborative work work

Harold Jarche

Every snake oil salesman is selling social something: enterprise social; social learning; social CRM; etc.