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There Is Nothing Wrong With The Term ‘Company Culture’

Dan Pontefract

The headline from Harvard Business Review read, Why “Company Culture” Is a Misleading Term. ” WHAT? ” He’s right.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

Charles Jennings

The 52 Weeks program initially started as a way to communicate company culture and values to new employees. Most people get it.

OMG, its culture change time

Dave Snowden

If in doubt, blame the culture seems to be a golden rule in consultancy and management alike. Culture as an “…ideational system.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. Informal Learning – the other 80%. Execution is the goal.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Moment of Open Culture

Dan Pontefract

After checking in with Amazon though, they informed me I’d have to wear leather pants and a scarf for a year, so that’s out, for now.

Creating A Culture of Continuous Improvement Based On Data

Beth Kanter

This section of the report covers new ways of thinking about organizational culture based in continuous improvement based on feedback.

Reviewing "A New Culture of Learning"

John Hagel

  My colleague and friend, John Seely Brown, has just come out with “A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change” , co-authored with Doug Thomas, a professor at the University of Southern California.  In that sense they are paragons of an almost unlimited information network.

The Masterclass on Informal Learning

Jay Cross

Your organization has decided to tilt in the direction of informal learning. Introduction to informal learning. So now what do you do?

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

Moving Towards a Culture of Sharing. Exchanging Ideas; Improving Culture, Knowledge and Networks. Henry Ford. Risks and Pitfalls.

Do You Work for A Nonprofit That Promotes A Culture of Wellbeing in the Workplace?

Beth Kanter

Gabriela knows that practicing self-care is important, but it is just as important that the workplace culture embraces employee wellbeing.

Culture is our nature

Harold Jarche

And we did it by developing new abilities for cultural transmission and change. But culture is a biological phenomenon. Friday''s Finds

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

Moving Towards a Culture of Sharing. Exchanging Ideas; Improving Culture, Knowledge and Networks. Henry Ford. Risks and Pitfalls.

Technology, Media and Culture - the Best of Times or the Worst of Times?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL) was founded in 2010 to study the transformational impact of technology on culture and on the media industries.

Beyond GDP - Measuring Value in a Service-oriented, Information-based, Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Most measures of economic performance used by government officials to inform their policies and decisions are based on GDP figures.

Q&A With The Authors of A New Culture of Learning

Steve Denning

In the book, you distinguish two senses of culture. One is the culture of the classroom, where stability and predictability is the norm.

13 books on learning, people, organizations, corporate culture, and change

Jay Cross

Informal Learning by Jay Cross. A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown. It’s a biased list. Just Jay

Does Your Nonprofit Suffer from a Culture of Sitting? How To Change It

Beth Kanter

Yet, many nonprofits are loosing productivity and less creative because they are trapped in a culture of sitting. A Walking Culture at Work.

The evolution of culture

Dave Snowden

The latest example claims originality is discovering that unwritten rules and practices are domain in culture. Actions speak louder that words.

Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever Be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social

Dan Pontefract

Learning is and forever will be, part formal, part informal and part social. social learning evaluation formal informal kirkpatrick social

Informal learning and Stoos management in four slides (Netflix)

Jay Cross

Here ’tis: Culture (Original 2009 version) from Reed Hastings. I’m writing the sequel to Informal Learning. I was blown away.

Information, Money and Related Subjects

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Given this intangible character of money, it is not surprising that major advances in information technologies have in turn led to major advances in the way we deal with money and payments. The relationship between information and money is now closer than ever. Today. we are happy with money we cannot even see. Not by a long shot.

Data 33

Solving Big Problems in Our 21st Century Information Society

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The article reminds me how much our society has changed in the last twenty years, in particular, the different way we solved big problems at the zenith of our 20th century industrial economy versus the way we now do so in the early stages of the 21st century information economy. . Kennedy issued a challenge to the nation: . “I he asks.

New Tools Beget Revolutions: Big Data and the 21st Century Information-based Society

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On May 22 I attended the 2013 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. All while the windows of opportunity and response will continue to shrink.

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The role of informal social networks in building organizational creativity and innovation

Ross Dawson

Evaluate your culture, structures and organizational climate for creativity. However this is often difficult in large, complex organizations.

How to evaluate social and informal learning

Jay Cross

The Swiss situation is probably a management and cultural issue; in Africa, the issue may be bandwidth or availability of terminals and PCs.

[2b2k] [berkman] Alison Head on how students seek information

David Weinberger

Omitting key information. Project Information Literacy is a research project that reaches across institutions. sharing culture.

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better in Our Information-Rich Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Travel guides, like Mobil’s , popped up in the 1950s, but for the most part information remained scarce.” . I truly hope he’s right.

Did Zappos Just Ruin Their Culture Or Is It A Brilliant Org Redesign?

Dan Pontefract

In a word, it’s all about “ culture.” Culture can grow in other ways, too. Not too shabby. It’s called Zappos.

Informal Learning is Business

Jay Cross

This is the second in a series of posts about how business can profit from informal learning. What makes informal learning effective. Informal learning is effective because it’s personal. The book describes how organizations have taken advantage of informal learning. The individual calls the shots. It’s real. Just Jay

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload

Luis Suarez

Yet, in the world of Activity Streams both serendipitous knowledge discoveries and informal learning, a.k.a. Information Overload?

Filtering, Crowdsourcing and Information Overload

Tony Karrer

And that challenge is somewhat hinted at in this month’s big question: Instruction in a Information Snacking Culture? Good stuff Tim!

The Science of Information-based Predictions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Silver, on the another hand, views information-based predictions, including political forecasting, as a scientific discipline. of reelection.

[berkman] Culturomics: Quantitatve analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

David Weinberger

Omitting key information. I'd be interested in that as a way of watching the development of the concept of information.]) Missing points.

Isn’t this how organizational learning cultures progress?

Jay Cross

Just as bicycles did not eliminate walking and cars did not do away with automobiles, informal learning doesn’t snuff out formal learning.

Why Data Informed VS Data Driven?

Beth Kanter

One of the questions I was asked, ”Why Data Informed? ” Being data-informed is something very different from a data-driven culture.

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How An Informal Nonprofit Employee Champion Program Can Benefit A One-Person Communications Dept.

Beth Kanter

He created an informal employee champion program. He launched the informal employee champions program with a fellow interning at his agency.

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[2b2k] A New Culture of Learning

David Weinberger

If you want to read a brilliant application of some of the ideas in Too Big to Know to our educational system, read A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown. This, they say, leads to a new “culture of learning” (117). What they call a “collective,” I call a “knowledge network.”

Total information war

Mind Hacks

If you only ever read one article on ‘information ops’ make it this one. political will for war. Integrating

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Informal Learning 2.0

Jay Cross

Informal Learning 2.0. Developing more informed marketing partners. At the same time, the informal learning 2.0 Jay Cross.

Notes from Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training ITHET 2013, Antalya

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Camtasia - problem is it destroys the object-base of presented media & symbolic information VCR recording - done in background through projector - you don''t need software on the presentation computer - eg. difference between groups - as determined by test scores - why? it students prefer everything? - Let''s do engineering. - so, eg.,