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The future is people, not technology

Jay Cross

The future is people, not technology. Digital Habitats posits the role of the community technology steward. More Human Than Human.

LMS and Social Learning

Tony Karrer

Mzinga seems to have jumped out early with a strong social platform that also has an LMS capability. eLearning Technology. It’s ugly.

Communities / Social Networking and LMS Merger

Tony Karrer

Update 12/7/07 - Great comments from David Wilkins (see below) including: user-generated content is going to change eLearning; anyone who thinks otherwise or who is not yet planning for the shift is going to be left wondering what the heck happened in just a few years. The top execs at Mzinga are not the top execs from KnowledgePlanet.

Business of Learning

Tony Karrer

Training Method Trends Working Smarter: Corporate learning in the network era Disruptive Changes in Learning eLearning Technology.

Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?

Dawn of Learning

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Jive 11

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Tony Karrer

Mzinga is going a different direction focusing on collaboration and social media capabilities. Applications in Learning (24) Free - Web 2.0