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There Is Nothing Wrong With The Term ‘Company Culture’

Dan Pontefract

The headline from  Harvard Business Review  read,  Why “Company Culture” Is a Misleading Term. ” WHAT? ” He’s right.

Apparently, Organizational Culture is Crap

Dan Pontefract

You may find it interesting to know, for example, that they “strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups.”

The connected company

Dave Gray

Do you know what the average life expectancy for a company is? Why is the life expectancy of a company so low? And why is it dropping?

Chance favours the Connected Company

Harold Jarche

About 18 months ago I wrote in Embrace Chaos , that I think the outer edge will be where almost all high value work gets done in organizations.

Should Companies Allow Facebook at Work?

Dan Pontefract

By banning Facebook and other social media sites you are instituting a draconian if not Orwellian culture of disengagement. The point? Wake up.

Disruptive Innovations and Large Companies

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few weeks ago I gave a seminar at an executive management class for a large, global company.  Given my long career at IBM, as well as my more recent involvement with Citi, it is not surprising that I am particularly interested in entrepreneurship and innovation in large companies.  It is different with large companies

Reflecting on the State of Enterprise 2.0 as an Organizational Culture Change Agent

Dan Pontefract

Discover content through people,” and “Companies are not communities.”. Culture. Culture enterprise 2.0 I know. thank you IBM).

If Your Enterprise Social Network Is a Ghost Town It’s Probably Due To Your Corporate Culture

Dan Pontefract

One I know thousands of other companies and organizations are struggling with at this very moment. We’re a financial services company.

OMG, its culture change time

Dave Snowden

If in doubt, blame the culture seems to be a golden rule in consultancy and management alike. Culture as an “…ideational system.

Stop Killing Your Corporate Culture

Dan Pontefract

Michael Thaman, chairman and CEO of Owens Corning observed: “Make sure that the DNA of your company is right. Focus on Open Leadership.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Moment of Open Culture

Dan Pontefract

The culture moment I’m referring to involves Tim Cook, Apple CEO. ” No, Tim’s culture moment was simple yet profound.

The Connected Culture

Dan Pontefract

The following diagram aims to depict what I refer to as a ‘connected culture’ in an organization. It is professional panacea. What does it mean?

Culture is entangled

Dave Snowden

In practice (and in theory) culture is tangled, indistinct and difficult to tie down. The respondent does not know what is the right answer.

“Never get sucked into the ‘company knows best’ approach to your career”

Jane Hart

Always remember that YOU are in charge of your career  Never get sucked into the “company knows best” approach to your career.” And watch your company take off.” The quote in the title of this blog post comes from my favourite post in April 2016,  When it comes to career. Here’s a longer quote from that article.

Using network perspectives to visualize changing culture and meaning

Ross Dawson

earlier shared one of his presentations in a post on how the culture of luxury is changing. Culture Networks (SXSW 2012).

The 7 roles of company directors in driving successful innovation

Ross Dawson

The piece is below, providing a high-level view on the role of company directors in driving innovation. Supporting a culture of innovation.

What is stopping companies from measuring learning: Skillsets, datasets, toolsets or mindsets?

Dawn of Learning

 . Is your company''s learning and development strategy wedged between a rock and hard place? And this is a high-stakes issue. Datasets.

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

PC Magazine defines micro-blogging as follows: A blog that contains brief entries about the activities of an individual or company. Henry Ford.

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

PC Magazine defines micro-blogging as follows: A blog that contains brief entries about the activities of an individual or company. Henry Ford.

‘Sharing’ culture

Clark Quinn

I was in a recent conversation about a company facing strong growth and worried about the impact on culture. This company had a positive culture, in that people were diverse, friendly, upbeat, and committed to contributing. It takes all the elements of a learning culture and organizational change, of course.

Technology, Media and Culture - the Best of Times or the Worst of Times?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL) was founded in 2010 to study the transformational impact of technology on culture and on the media industries. 

13 books on learning, people, organizations, corporate culture, and change

Jay Cross

Informal Learning by Jay Cross. A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown. The Connected Company by Dave Gray.

Does Your Nonprofit Suffer from a Culture of Sitting? How To Change It

Beth Kanter

Yet, many nonprofits are loosing productivity and less creative because they are trapped in a culture of sitting. Walking Culture at Work.

How Do You Know When You Have Reached a Collaborative Culture?

Dan Pontefract

‘Tis my naivety or perhaps it’s my over exuberance for corporate culture karma. How do you know when you have reached a collaborative culture?

Why Lean Programs Fail—Where Toyota Succeeds: A New Culture of Learning

Steve Denning

The experts don’t tell the plants what to do and audit them to see if they are following the best practices. A new culture of learning.

Too Big to Fail, Economies of Scale, Cities, and Companies

Bob Sutton

This debate reminds me of some fascinating research on the differences between cities and companies. And three, economic and social activities diversify and become more interdependent, resulting in new forms of economic specialization and cultural expression. company starts out, it’s all about the new idea,” West says. When a.

Did Zappos Just Ruin Their Culture Or Is It A Brilliant Org Redesign?

Dan Pontefract

couple of months later, the uber smart 27-year old Hsieh joined the company as its CEO and, well, the rest is history. Not too shabby. Noble?

Has Wells Fargo’s CEO Forgotten How To Lead?

Dan Pontefract

Not once did Stumpf insinuate that there was a corporate culture issue at Wells Fargo. Right now, its culture is a disadvantage.

Culture is the ground on which you (& your company) stands

Mark Oehlert

You''ll do those things, sometimes without thinking, and yet chances are you''ve deployed an enterprise-wide application costing many thousands of dollars without even a second thought for the culture into which you''re tossing it. Everyone should understand that yes, you have a corporate culture. Now here is where it gets weird.

The Rise of the Platform Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Africa and Latin America have a number of small platform companies, only 3 of which met the $1 billion valuation threshold for inclusion in the survey.

Survey 121

Corporate Survival: Lessons from Biology

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

That’s six times the delisting rate of companies 40 years ago.  And the rise in mortality applies regardless of size, age, or sector. 

The Rise of a Culture of Contempt and the Demise of UCLA Men's Basketball

Bob Sutton

  And I don't mean the drop off in performance at UCLA in the past few years, I mean the loss of its soul and the rise of a culture of contempt -- with rampant lousy leadership, bad role models, asshole poisoning.  Are you succeeding because the peer culture among your followers is hiding or offsetting your deep flaws? 

The Long Term Impact of AI on Jobs - Some Lessons from History

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Companies and governments need to assist workers in acquiring new skills while helping them switch jobs as needed.  How should we respond? 

Skills 130

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Large Companies

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Its lead article said: “For most people the term “entrepreneur” simply means anybody who starts a business, be it a corner shop or a high-tech start up.  A disproportionate number of entrepreneurial companies are, indeed, small start-ups.  Quite a few people think that entrepreneurship in large companies is an oxymoron. 

The Importance of Empathy in Our Services-Centric, People-Oriented Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Their research discovered that talent is the greatest competitive challenge companies face.  This will take time. 

Skills 117

My Long Weekend Of Hope And Inspiration

Dan Pontefract

McDonald’s is a for-profit company. “Hey Dad, look at the TOMS sign, isn’t that company so cool?” How hopeful.

When Culture Eats Your Foundation’s Social Media Strategy for Breakfast

Beth Kanter

Does it take a natural disaster to change a culture? Organizational CultureCouncil on Foundations. Never try to change one.

What does it mean to 'belong' to your organization? (Can u answer the culture question?)

Mark Oehlert

hear what you''re saying - that''s the Marine Corps, we''re a company that sells X but the Marines make a powerful choice with their onboarding.

What’s Needed First? Culture Change or Enterprise 2.0 Adoption

Dan Pontefract

Do we first require an organizational culture adaptation prior to any meaningful Enterprise 2.0 That should change the culture, right?

Trust and the On-Demand Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

variety of on-demand companies have emerged in the last few years, aspiring to achieve the scale and success of Uber and Airbnb.