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Losing Our (Analytics) Religion

Ellen Wagner

You may have noticed that I've been kinda quiet on the blogging front. It's not for lack of things to say, exactly. More that there has been so much sound and fury around the emerging topic of learning analytics that

In Memoriam: Tim M. Martin

Ellen Wagner

And yet, I know that tweets and posts and blogs really are the fastest way to share. I'm still a little uncomfortable using social media when it comes to sharing really sad news. It is with this in mind that

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Since You've Asked: More About the PAR Framework

Ellen Wagner

The December 15, 2011 Chronicle of Higher Education's Wired Campus blog by Marc Parry shared news about a groundbreaking project we have taken on at WCET. It describes our efforts to create a single, federated database of de-identified student records. Analytics Higher Education Online Education Research Trends WCET

Roadtrip Diversion - Spring has Sprung

Ellen Wagner

The last few months have been so busy that I have not been taking the time to blog. rather expect that there is a client or two who might be a little bit testy if they thought that *their*. social media

Big Data, Learner Analytics and Reflections on Student Success, Redux

Ellen Wagner

This blog was first published at https://wcetblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/par1/.  . It Begins With Big Data. One of the surest signs that a technology trigger is starting its roller-coaster ride through the  (Gartner) Hype cycle of innovation  is when the name we all call that trigger becomes a part of the public lexicon. Learner Analytics.

PS. A Summary of Classic ID Models

Ellen Wagner

This is her blog. Having just seen Allison this past week I am mindful of always striving to do my best and wanting to do things the right way.

Doing eLearning 2.0 unto others

Ellen Wagner

technologies (if by that one is referring to micro-blogging, deli.cio.us/Delicious, itself - and that's not the case at all. Give me time).

eLearning Roadtrip: Mobile learning at last?

Ellen Wagner

» March 04, 2009 Mobile learning at last? What is the Mobile Web going to mean for learning? Which.I Your comment has not yet been posted.

Links to Highlights of the Apple-Adobe Wars.

Ellen Wagner

For all of you who are as fascinated by Apple Adobe Flash standoff as I am, here are some links to some of my personal favorite blog posts and articles capturing the highlights of the Apple vs. Adobe situation.

Mobile Services Taxonomy

Ellen Wagner

Here are several of the featured slides that were included in the deck uploaded in last night's blog post. These all have to do with making a case that (1) mobility is a way of life (2) the mobile internet.

mLearning at the Tipping Point

Ellen Wagner

A few months ago (March 4th to be exact) I asked a question in this blog about whether it was possible to successful deploy mobile learning and performance support initiatives at the enterprise level. I am happy to say that, Tags: Business Education Mobile News

Critical Mass

Ellen Wagner

Anyone who has been reading this blog knows that I have been on a tear about how the practices of elearning - and the professions of instructional design - are evolving, and how those of us who identify as instructional.

Join us for Learntrends, April 21-22

Ellen Wagner

This is her blog. Ellen Wagner is Principal Analyst with Sage Road Solutions, LLC. Please join me, Jay Cross, Tony Karrer, George Siemens, Marcia Conner, Clark Quinn, Charles Jenning, Curt Bonk and many others for a 24 hour global discussion on the future of organizational learning. What is April Learntrends ? Who may attend?

The ID Grrlz are Alright

Ellen Wagner

This is her blog. I had the opportunity to spend Friday in  Marina del Rey with several very smart women who have had significant impact on how I think about instructional design (ID). told them I would name a blog post after us. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to ask a few pointed questions about the roles that models play.

Taking the Roadtrip on the Sage Road

Ellen Wagner

I usually try to use this blog as a place to share ideas and information about what's going on in the learning and technologies industries. Today I am taking a brief break so I can share  some news in my part of the world. New web site is up, new phones are turned on, new email is working. We look forward to connecting very soon.

Where ID comes from

Ellen Wagner

This is her blog. Ellen Wagner is a learning industry analyst with a passion for sustaining innovation and accelerating enterprise adoption of technologies for education, training and performance support. With its roots in behavioral psychology, the professional practice that we now describe as ID first emerged in the 1920s. In the Web 1.0

Walk Before You Run

Ellen Wagner

This is her blog. Ellen Wagner is a learning industry analyst with a passion for sustaining innovation and accelerating enterprise adoption of technologies for education, training and performance support. closed my last post by saying that, when I envision my ideal instructional designer, my ID looks a lot like a decathlete.

Who's your ID?

Ellen Wagner

Just yesterday I was retweeting Cammy Bean's request for IDs to respond to  Clive Shepherd's call for eLearning Network ID skills survey participation. A few days before, Sreya Dutta shared a list of ID competencies in the blog comments. This line is now the first item appearing on the Sage Road website, so an introduction seems in order.

Making ID Relevant

Ellen Wagner

I asked a rather pointed set of questions when closing my last blog posting about the role of instructional designers in the emerging new world order of technology mediated learning, education and training. Are IDs really still as relevant as we want to think we are? There IS a relatively straightforward answer to the questions.

IDs - It's time for some seriously tough love

Ellen Wagner

And now that we can tweet and blog and email and - yes maybe even call each other while we're there - events like this become even better catalysts for engagement, connections and reconnections, maybe even a new idea or two. organized my thought enough so that I posted a blog about it. He'd prepared a list. Manager of the LMS. Trainer.

iPhone 3.0, mobile learning and the ID

Ellen Wagner

The blogs and news feeds have been filled with news from yesterday's  Apple's press event during which the iPhone 3.0 was announced and profiled. Ian Thain has written a nice summary of yesterday's Apple event.  His Apple mobile stats are impressive: iPhone now in 80 Countries - 13.7M units in 2008. 17M altogether., 800,000 downloads.

The Great ID Debate

Ellen Wagner

Administer a blog. On March 12, Dr. Curt Bonk and I are going to be featured debaters at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering's ID Zone in Orlando, Florida. I'm very glad to be a part of this debate - am amused that I am going to be an ID defender. Instructional design has always been a big part of my professional life, one way or another.

eLearning 2, Redux

Ellen Wagner

blogging and micro-blogging. Shortly after posting my rant how eLearning 2.0 makes me edgy, I received an encouraging email from a friend, a very distinguished industry luminary. All the same characters, just a slightly    modified settings and progressively crappier storylines.  Remember Rambo IV?  Probably not.  assessment. wikis.


Ellen Wagner

My friend  Wayne Hodgins has told me that he thinks Twitter is going to be a transformational technology, offering a completely new arena for integrated communication - my words, not his, I refer you to his great blog, Off Course, On Target for his words on this and many other interesting subjects. For example, I am a follower of Etay Gafni. 

What blogging was

David Weinberger

At a recent Fellows Hour at the Berkman Center the topic was something like “Whatever happened to blogging?,” ” with the aim of thinking about how Berkman can take better advantage of blogging as a platform for public discussion. They asked me to begin with some reflections on what blogging once was, because I am old.

Reflections on Ten Years of Blogging

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Friedman’s words came to mind as I was reflecting on the evolution of blogging since I posted my first blog in May of 2005.

Blogging the way it ought to be

Doc Searls

Since the form of a WordPress blog (which this is) favors writing long pieces over short ones, that’s mostly what I’ve written here, since I started in August 2007. blog is writing pieces of any length, and posting them easily from a WYSIWYG editor, I’ve been blogging there instead of here. Blogging

Our Three Young Children Blog … Here’s Why

Dan Pontefract

Why do we encourage (and ultimately allow) three young children who technically aren’t allowed to be on Facebook yet to publicly and openly blog?

Blogging angst

Euen Semple

My friend Dave Tebbutt is wondering whether to give up his blog or not. Many of us over the years go through periods of questioning why we blog and if it is worth it. For me the biggest reason to blog is personal. So in fact I am currently making an effort to blog more often. It’s like lobbing pebbles into ponds.

The Soothing Effect of Blogging

Luis Suarez

It’s hard to believe, even for myself, how the last time I wrote a blog post over here was a bit over two months ago. Go figure. I doubt it.

6 Use Cases for Enterprise Micro-Blogging

Dan Pontefract

Imagine if she sent out a few micro-blog posts announcing she’s available for in-person fireside chats at the canteen or open gathering area.

Reclaim Blogging – On Why Your Blog Still Is Your Best Personal Branding Social Tool

Luis Suarez

One of them is my Flickr account and the other one, of course, is my blog. This blog. Well, the answer, right now, as we stand, is No.

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Blog Post: Steve Jobs on "Think Different"

David Gurteen

This video is from an Apple "Think Different" - Internal Meeting in September 1997 - just 10 weeks or so after he returned to Apple.

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Blog Post: Do you have listening difficulties?

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen We all appreciate the benefits of listening such as listening to ignite other people's thinking But most of us are not that good at it. There are many techniques that we can learn to improve our listening ability such as empathic listening. But maybe it is easier then we think. Let go!

Litmos Guest Blog Series

Clark Quinn

As I did with Learnnovators , with Litmos I’ve also done a series of posts , in this case a year’s worth. So, we have presentations on: Blending learning. Performance Support. mLearning: Part 1 and Part 2. Advanced Instructional Design. Games and Gamification. Courses in the Ecosystem. L&D and the Bigger Picture. Measurement.

In the beginning was the blog

Harold Jarche

Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents , has a number of insights on blogging and engaging online. Each of these took a while to write.

The end of blogging’s golden age

David Weinberger

Brian Solis has responded to Jeremy Owyang’s provocative post declaring the end of the golden age of blogging. Here’s the comment I posted on Brian’s site: I think in a sense it’s true that the golden age of blogging is over, but that’s a good thing. And not because of anything bad about blogging.

Should CEOs Blog?

Luis Suarez

You just can’t afford to go through that and that’s where most of your reluctance to blogging comes from nowadays. Most probably. .

Let’s Rename Micro-blogging to Chatting

Dan Pontefract

Today, what I take umbrage with is the term micro-blogging. Blogging, for me at least, is an exercise in creative and thoughtful writing.

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

How Micro-Blogging Came To Be. This was the beginning of a new term; micro-blogging. Henry Ford. Moving Towards a Culture of Sharing.