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The Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016 is announced

Jane Hart

This year to mark the 10th anniversary I have compiled the  TOP 200 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2016.  Social learning

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What will be the Top Tools for Learning in 2016?

Jane Hart

This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the list, I will be producing a massive Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016. Top Tools for Education  2016 (tools for K-12, University, College & Adult Ed). Top Tools for Workplace Learning  2016 (tools for Training, Performance Support & Social Collaboration). Social learnin

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2016: Rethinking workplace learning

Jane Hart

Workplace training is often euphemistically referred to as workplace learning, so there has been an assumption for a long time now that they are one and the same thing. But whilst workplace training is about telling people what they need to learn, how they need to learn it, when they need to learn it, and making sure they […]. Social learnin

2016: Rethinking Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Jane Hart

The other day I was asked in an interview why many in L&D did not participate in much CPD, and how that could be changed. Social learning

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The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2016

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The technologies on the list are not new. Artificial Intelligence. The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) has also been long in coming. 

Voting for Top Tools for Learning 2016 closing soon

Jane Hart

Voting for the 2016 Top Tools for Learning – the 10th Annual Survey – closes. mid-day on Friday 23 September. Monday 3 October.

Purpose: The Word of 2016

Dan Pontefract

This is why “ purpose ” is my word for 2016. More to come on May 10, 2016 with the release of The Purpose Effect. Purpose.

My pick of the best of May 2016

Jane Hart

” 3 –  5 things my new Twitter followers should know , J D Dillon, 27 May 2016 – I like the way JD lays out how he uses Twitter.

Jay Cross Memorial Award 2016

Harold Jarche

The Internet Time Alliance Jay Cross Memorial Award for 2016 is presented to Helen Blunden. Reposted from the Internet Time Alliance website.

The best of March 2016 – in pictures

Jane Hart

Social learning

best finds of 2016

Harold Jarche

Here are what I consider the best of Friday’s Finds for 2016. Quotes. Tom_Peters : “Presidents rarely get good advice. Mencken, via @normsmusic.

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top tools 2016

Harold Jarche

Voting closes on 23 September 2016. Jane Hart compiles a list every year of the Top 100 Tools for learning. This is the 10th year!

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My pick of the best posts of June 2016

Jane Hart

Finally, here is a recap of my own posts in June 2016. Designing Learning Campaigns and Learning Challenges 19 June 2016.

Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Luis Suarez

The voting for this year is well under way and folks can cast their vote(s) till Friday 23rd, September 2016. Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016.

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What's top of mind for the CIO in 2016

Dion Hinchcliffe

As technology rapidly changes and the push for digital transformation reaches an all-time high, CIOs are increasingly focusing on bringing their entire organizations into the digital future, all while preventing even the smallest hiccup in operations. It's a tall order

The enterprise technologies to watch in 2016

Dion Hinchcliffe

While enterprise technology has always been somewhat a breed apart from consumer tech, this year we see that consumer tech will definitively set the agenda for businesses like never before in this year's list of tech to watch

2016 L&D Challenge

Jane Hart

CHALLENGE RUNS 1 FEBRUARY – 13 MAY 2016 Workplace Learning is changing! It is largely being shaped by the way we learn and interact on the Web. Social learning

The 2016 MIT Inclusive Innovation Awards

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Initially based in Peru it’s now expanded to Mexico and Chile, and aims to reach 10,000 young women by 2020 across Latin America. Examples abound.

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

Last year’s ‘Top 10 Tools Survey results are here I’ve listed my 2016 votes (in the ‘Personal & Professional Learning category) below.

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The 2016 Look at the Future of Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

When I wrote The Future of Online Learning in 1998, I took into account three major sets of factors. The first was the obvious basis in technology. Internet and digital systems were advancing rapidly, in ways that could be known. The second was human nature. It's a beautiful thing. there is no longer any 'student population'. The evidence disagrees.

The leading enterprise intranet, portal, and collaboration platforms for 2016

Dion Hinchcliffe

While there is a relatively small short list of platforms suitable for large enterprise needs, two recent entrants, and some maturing contenders, are shaking things up in 2016

Digital priorities for the CIO in 2016

Dion Hinchcliffe

In an era of fast change, disruptive tech, and too many priorities, what will the CIO really need to focus on this year to deliver combined technical and business leadership that will guide their organizations into the future

pkm 2016

Harold Jarche

“Any man who reads too much and uses his brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” ” —Albert Einstein. PKMastery

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2016 L&D Challenge

Jane Hart

CHALLENGE RUNS 1 FEBRUARY – 13 MAY 2016 Workplace Learning is changing! It is largely being shaped by the way we learn and interact on the Web. Social learning

Reminder: 2016 L&D Challenge starts Monday 1 February

Jane Hart

What is the 2016 L&D Challenge? It is a series of activities (over 15 weeks) to extend your own personal learning skills to prepare you for your professional practice of supporting learning in the modern workplace. Part A is designed for you to experience a range of different learning approaches, so that in Part B you […].

Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Clark Quinn

It’s that time again: Jane Hart is running her 2016 (and 10th!) Top 100 Tools for Learning poll. It’s a valuable service, and points out some interesting things and it’s interesting to see the changes over time.  It’s also a way to see what others are using and maybe find some new ideas. And, of course, my mindmaps.

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5 steps towards Modern Workplace Learning

Jane Hart

Following my two previous posts on change in 2016, Rethinking Workplace Learning and Rethinking CPD, I have been asked? Social learning

How online communities are faring in 2016

Dion Hinchcliffe

Executive leaders are involved more than ever before in using online communities to solve important business issues ranging from improved customer care to better workplace collaboration. But budgets are not keeping up with demand, and measuring value isn't getting much help from platform vendors

Quinnovation Fall 2016 Schedule

Clark Quinn

The week after I’ll be keynoting a private event in Connecticut. And I’ll be delivering a virtual keynote for a different government agency in November. I’ll be running an elearning strategy (read: Revolution ) workshop at DevLearn  in Las Vegas come mid-November, and presenting on elearning myths. If so, say hi!

Supporting Everyday Workplace Learning

Jane Hart

Next public online workshop runs: 19 SEPTEMBER – 11 NOVEMBER 2016. The workshop agenda is as follows: Part A: Personal Learning. Feedback.

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The Modern Workplace Learning Challenge

Jane Hart

Here is some feedback from the L&D Challenge that ran earlier in 2016. Challenge Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky. Drip-feed training.

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Is the online advertising bubble finally starting to pop?

Doc Searls

I started calling online advertising a bubble in 2008. And it ain’t happened yet. 90% of Google’s revenues come from advertising.

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How Autism can Influence Design: In conversation with Steve Silberman

Adaptive Path

Ahead of his talk at UX Week 2016, Steve talked with Adaptive Path Chief Creative Officer and UX Week host Jesse James Garrett. Can it be cured?

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Social Learning: August Pick of the Posts

Jane Hart

Alexandra Lepercq (@Espenel) August 23, 2016. Here’s a summary of my own blog posts in August 2016. They’ll talk about problems.

No Carrie Fisher, Don’t Rest In Peace

Dan Pontefract

The rash of celebrity deaths in 2016 seems to. Like the rain in England and the heat in Tunisia, death is both unavoidable and inevitable. Dan's Related Posts: In Progress  Trump Presidency Lesson Plan We Are All Boston When Breath Becomes Air: Required Reading For People Seeking Purpose Goodbye Team of Five Years.

10 ways to use an Enterprise Social Network for Social Learning

Jane Hart

Today, I’m at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference and I’m going to be talking about how to use an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) for Social Learning Many organisations now have an ESN – and although they might not be using it as effectively as they could, you don’t actually need another social learning system but […].

The Long Term Impact of AI on Jobs - Some Lessons from History

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The concerns surrounding AI’s long term impact may well be in a class by themselves.  What impact will AI have on jobs? How should we respond? 

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the neo-generalist

Harold Jarche

A neo-generalist is somewhere between a polymath and a hyperspecialist. If you just read all the books they mention, you would be much the wiser.

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The Social Media Revolution continues: Socialnomics 2017

Jane Hart

Mark Oehlert (@moehlert) November 29, 2016. This morning I awoke to find this tweet: Hi! So here it is. Social learning

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social learning for complex work

Harold Jarche

Where are we in 2016? “Carnegie Mellon’s Robert E. 1997: 15-20%. 2006: 8-10% estimated. ” – Jay Cross (2006).