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IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 Highlights – People-Centric vs. Content-Centric by Louis Richardson

Luis Suarez

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Collective sense-making

Harold Jarche

look for experts who share their knowledge or act as human-powered content aggregators, selecting quality information and discarding the crap.

Making sense of our world

Harold Jarche

George Siemens has made this rather succinct statement about knowledge: When I externalize something, it’s information. We can use human (e.g.

Reclaim Blogging – On Why Your Blog Still Is Your Best Personal Branding Social Tool

Luis Suarez

This sense of personal sovereignty is important. &# [Emphasis mine]. Blogging , in short, is your own personal branding tool. This blog.

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PKM Updated

Harold Jarche

Using a Seek-Sense-Share framework (à la personal knowledge management), pick one or more web platforms on which to practise critical thinking.

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Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Is Blogging Dead?

Luis Suarez

It wasn’t in 2007 and it won’t be in 2011, nor in 2015! Of course, in your personal business / corporate blog! Where else?

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

Knowledge work and learning to work smarter are becoming indistinguishable. Knowledge workers create value in workscapes. eBook , $12.

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Making Sense of the World

Jay Cross

Concept work relies on pattern recognition, tacit knowledge and the wisdom borne of experience. Work-life was much simpler in the last century.

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Analogies and fales analogies

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. “It was 1977. We thought we were doing an experiment. The problem was, the experiment never ended.&# ~ Vint Cerf on the Internet. via @moehlert @monkchips. Triple Bottom Line : the bad idea that just won’t die. This idea is of course ridiculous. Friday's Finds

195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

AUGUST 8, 2011. Diana Kimball [twitter: dianakimball ] is giving a Berkman lunchtime talk on coding as a liberal art. Page 1 of 2. world.

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Zero switching cost

Jay Cross

After all, saving one’s tags is a cornerstone in Harold’s Personal Knowledge Management scheme of approaching the world. Auto-save favorite Tweets / (Annotated) Twitter-This. When my Internet Time Alliance colleague Harold Jarche switched from Delicious to Diigo, I figured I should probably do the same.

Learning is the Work

Beth Kanter

She explained that “learning or teaching the old” is about training, knowledge transfer, and structured, directed learning. Gender.