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Angry Birds and productivity at work: why distractions can help

Ross Dawson

billion of worker productivity is lost to playing Angry Birds. today that workers already do a number of things that are not considered productive – like going to the bathroom or talking to colleagues without any actual loss in productivity. Let’s work on getting better productivity.

The Evolution of the Knowledge Web Worker

Luis Suarez

“ A knowledge worker is someone who gets to decide what he or she does each morning “, by Thomas A. You gotta love those quotes.

Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise

Harold Jarche

Our relationship with knowledge is changing as our work becomes more intangible and complex. Making social learning work. Social.

Reinventing Management: Part 4: Coordination: From bureaucracy to.

Steve Denning

In this post, I describe the practices involved in the shift in coordinating work: from hierarchical bureaucracy to dynamic linking.   4.    

An Irish Wake for the PC

Andy McAfee

Many sharp observers realized at the time that this was a big deal. It was a great run. So the PC has had a rich, full, accomplished life.

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Knowledge Workers

Andy McAfee

Computers can now do many things (like drive a car ) that we used to need people for; they can also facilitate human knowledge workers, making them much more productive and so requiring fewer of them to accomplish the work of the organization. The outsourcing and offshoring of knowledge work depend, of course, on technology.

Leadership’s #1 Challenge: Transforming Management

Steve Denning

Leaders inspire people, spark change and strengthen the culture, while managers organize, control work, measure outputs and get things done.

The language of social business

Harold Jarche

What’s important for managers is that this also works the other way around. This works well for mechanical things, like buildings, watches and Quattro Stagioni pizzas. But it doesn’t work for complex systems, like brains, software development teams, and the local pizzeria. Again, am I on the right track here?

What’s the future for traditional training departments?


The debate is engaging people in an important discussion about topics that are vital to anyone working in L&D, with participants on both sides making some excellent points. Donna Hamilton points out, “We know that very little of what is taught in the class room ever makes its way into working life. by @rgogos.

Social Business Forum Highlights – Highlights from Breakout Sessions and Final Keynote

Luis Suarez

which are mostly labour based, from the quantum orgs, which are mostly knowledge work based. event of events. Event , a.k.a. e2conf.

Learning in Complexity

Harold Jarche

StevenBJohnson - How research works in an age of social networks (or at least how it works for me) [highly recommended post #PKM]. Very few of the key links came from the traditional approach of reading a work and then following the citations included in the endnotes. ” via @SebPaquet. Wells” via @iain2008.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

Working smarter is the key to sustainability and continuous improvement. The infrastructure for working smarter is called a workscape.

eBook 39

A litmus test for 21st Century leadership: what am I tracking?

Steve Denning

Moreover as all work is increasingly knowledge work, efforts to control those doing the work become counter-productive.

Measuring What Matters: From Outputs to Outcomes: Part 3

Steve Denning

Part 2: Measuring customer delight at the working level through user stories: ( Part 2 ). Iterations help establish the cadence of work.

Staying Healthy – 11 Ergonomic Tips for Avoiding RSI

Luis Suarez

They have worked wonders with me so far! Yes, indeed, I can vouch that one works, too! world as much as we possibly can. Yes, I know!

Working Socially

Harold Jarche

With ubiquitous connectivity, more of our work is at a distance, either in space or time. Distributed work is becoming the norm.

The Continuing, Transformative Impact of IT

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Local companies and global businesses will develop products and services specifically aimed at these newly enfranchised consumers.

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Man, Machine, and Work

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The June, 2015 issue of the Harvard Business Review includes a spotlight on Man and Machine: Knowledge Work in the Age of the Algorithm.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: What's Google's biggest.

Steve Denning

There was a time when three people at Google could build a world-class product and deliver it, and it is gone. Quick! Facebook? Wrong! Twitter?

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: What economists don't.

Steve Denning

In today’s knowledge economy, the motivation of workers is a key determinant of productivity. Have an excellently radical year 2011!

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

Here’s the series: Text-to-Speech Overview and NLP Quality , Digital Signal Processor and Text-to-Speech , Using Text-to-Speech in an eLearning Course , Text-to-Speech eLearning Tools - Integrated Products , Text-to-Speech vs Human Narration for eLearning , and Using Punctuation and Mark-Up Language to Increase Text-to-Speech Quality.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Our Dickensian economy.

Steve Denning

The American story for two centuries was one of real wages advancing more or less in line with productivity. But not lately. And they are real.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: The myth of the single.

Steve Denning

If that doesn’t work, then new technology “ platforms ” will surely save us, along with “ social media ”. And so on. Thanks for citing it.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: WIKILEAKS: President.

Steve Denning

The fact that only one of five workers is fully engaged in his or her work. This is what the draft says: Thank you for coming here today.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Reinventing education.

Steve Denning

In this world, teaching by transfer of information doesn’t work well. If a child wants to work on science for a week, they can do it.