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Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary

Luis Suarez

All in a single place so that you can take a look into how things developed further during the course of 2010. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

Standard document management methods have been shown to fail over the years, as most workers do not personally adopt them. Network Learning.

eLearning Conferences 2010

Tony Karrer

link] December 15-18, 2009 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS): Doing It, Research that Matters, 30 th , Arizona, Phoenix, USA.

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. You can contact him at: And send that to Clayton. link].

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: What economists don't.

Steve Denning

In today’s knowledge economy, the motivation of workers is a key determinant of productivity. True leadership (radical management!)

In Defense of Data Centrism

Martijn Linssen

It takes frightening shocks to the system to shake our faith in such levers. Here is what happened with BP, or Enron, or the 111th Congress.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Why are the Fortune 500.

Steve Denning

But then management starts worrying about the bottom line, and so all these people are hired to keep track of the paper clips. Great article.

Three Models of Knowledge Production

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

And while there are different ways to think of knowledge - processed, procedural, propositional - this model I think adheres to a more basic view.

Old meets new world: enterprise UX

Martijn Linssen

Business or Pleasure? - as its not about Web UI, but about User eXperience. The Prodigal Parent Larrys magic numbers - bite him in the butt Klout.

Facilitation Card Decks | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Patrick Lambe on 03 Feb 2010 at 1:12 am Hi Nancy Thanks for mentioning our KM Method Cards! Alison Bickford on 03 Apr 2010 at 4:12 pm Hi Nancy.

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The revolution brewing in the world of work: Q&A with Rod Collins

Steve Denning

Is it also about management? Rod : The book is actually about both leadership and management. Knowledge doesn't depreciate with use.

Wiki 25

US education: a grave failure of national management & character

Steve Denning

The reality is that we are looking a grave failure of national management. Studies show that US education also puts the future in peril.

Personal Learning Environment 2010

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

George writes: Announcing: Open Course – Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.


Building a Solid Library of Use Cases

Luis Suarez

But again, focus on this rather important task, far too often both ignored and neglected: listen to your fellow knowledge workers. You see?

Notes from Intelligent Content 2010


So, provide the right tools and processes for subject matter expert (SME) knowledge capture, review, and discussion for these dispersed teams.

Choose with care in 2010

Harold Jarche

“ Just got e-mail advertisement for audio conference for HR/managers on “enforcing dress codes&#. via @jaycross. I don’t do bloat.


Learning in public

Harold Jarche

Tweet In a succinct post on the nature of knowledge management in a knowledge-intensive field, Jasmin Fodil looks at how rocket scientists learn.

PKM 12

eLearning Innovation 2010 – Top 30

Tony Karrer

I had an interesting conversation the other day about whether there’s that much new going on in eLearning here in 2010. That said – I’m still under the impression that my central eLearning Predictions for 2010 is going to come true. At the end of the year, we will be saying: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” What are these?

The Age of “Lean Manufacturing” in Learning Content Management Systems


The same is true for “digital content”, including training content and learning content management systems. and Western Europe.

Blog Post: Hot tweets: November 2010

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen Here are some of my more interesting Tweets for the month of November 2010. APQC 2011 Knowledge Management Conference Call for Presentations [link] #KM. Key outcome from a knowledge cafe is what people take away in their heads [link] /nice summary of my process. 2010-11-22 15:59:31 UTC. by Robert F.

The Hybrid Experiment

Luis Suarez

After all, I do really miss that PKM system that this blog has been all along, since I have gotten started with it over five years ago.

Seeing motivation with new eyes

Harold Jarche

There’s a compensation “system&# and we’ve just accepted it for many decades. We should have paid more attention to the data.

Harold Jarche » My PKM System

Harold Jarche


The evolution of Cynefin over a decade

Dave Snowden

Focus on knowledge management and communities of practice. I'm working on a history of the Cynefin model.

A personal learning journey

Harold Jarche

I became interested in knowledge management (KM) as I was introduced to it in the mid 1990’s while practising instructional systems design (ISD) and human performance technology (HPT) in the military. Luckily the web had evolved and there were consumer alternatives to enterprise systems. personal learning network.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: WIKILEAKS: President.

Steve Denning

Our education system no longer provides an education that fits our children for the future. This is a moment of grave national peril.

Marketing for Free Agents redux

Harold Jarche

It has now become my knowledge base and provides fodder for articles and presentations. It’s like a large performance support system.

Four Ways User-Generated Content (UGC) Can Make its Way into.


Individuals need to have the opportunity to discuss, collaborate and share their experiences – and thereby add to the body of knowledge around a topic., an approach to management and leadership development, has found a way to do this successfully. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. This is true.

Getting to Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

HPT is a good framework, and is an excellent addition to instructional systems design (ISD), but over time I have found it to be inadequate to deal with a more complex workplace and address the social aspects of work. The move to the training field coincided with the creation of the Web. My immersion in technology had begun. Networks rule.

Institutional Memory

Harold Jarche

I have not seen any systems that really do this well, yet. People understand new knowledge in terms of what they already know. Modelling.

PKM is not a technology

Harold Jarche

PKM is not a technology, an enterprise system, a piece of software, or a platform. Management – getting things done [not being managed].

PKM 71

Identifying a collaboration platform

Harold Jarche

I’ve noted before that the main objective of the modern training department should be to enable knowledge to flow in the organization. Work with management to fund and develop better tools and processes for workers. Step Two, or a concurrent step, would be to look at how to enhance collaboration. Does your LMS do this?

Managing Learning?

Charles Jennings

Learning can only be managed by the individual in whose head the learning is occurring. But they can’t manage the learning process for you.

PKM 86

Raising the Dial Tone, Part 2

Martijn Linssen

We cannot know, but the theory and experience both tell us that diversity in a social system leads to a healthier, more sustainable system.

In Pursuit of Coherence – Open Government and Thee

Martijn Linssen

About John Dr. John Bordeaux brings 28 years’ experience working issues of national security and knowledge management. He holds a Ph.D.

A Window Into The Org

Dan Pontefract

Imagine if you will, in the learning space specifically, that every time a new eLearning course was developed, that a new portal, system or application was also introduced where the employee had to log into to access the actual course. Other systems, be it SAP/Oracle/Lawson ERP, any LMS, various Knowledge Management Systems, even other Web 2.0

In Praise of the Olds

Martijn Linssen

3 comments Alexa Cortes Culwell / December 31, 2010 Beautiful sentiment John. Maggie / December 30, 2010 Wow- that says it all.

Evolve, Dammit!

Martijn Linssen

Home About Complexity Reading List Knowledge Management Reading List Evolve, Dammit! Facebook is alarmed and promises to fix this.

The root cause of today's dysfunctional politics

Steve Denning

Our education system no longer provides an education that fits our children for the future. All are symptoms of a more profound illness.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: 84% vote for change in.

Steve Denning

Carmen A. Indy Johar jumped in to suggest that governments and businesses are different: The two are fundamentally different entities. 2009, p.