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The Value of Work

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

My favorite example is, of course, the pet rock, which would no doubt have been included in the manufacturing statistics, not to mention the GDP, but which consisted entirely of empty production. For the present moment, I am more concerned with the part of the MacDonald Commission report that we did not get, a guaranteed income.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Goldhaber and Attention Economy

John Hagel

For example, he anticipated that all organizations would become temporary and that money would diminish in importance as a medium of exchange.

Hate Crime Legislation

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The specific example cited by the author is misleading. Hate crime legislation already exists in nations around the world, for example, in Canada. It is, of course, true that the hate crime laws that presently exist cover acts, not just thoughts. History is filled with examples. Let's examine it. 1. Quite so. To wrap up.

Preserving the Tradition (2)

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

To turn to our present discipline, a knowledge of history informs us that beating our children will not produce the best learning, were we able to contemplate such a theory. For example, they will be interested in literature that shows that certain approaches "work." They weren't 'mistakes', in any genuine sense of the term. The new.


Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

All belief of matter of fact or real existence," writes Hume in the Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding , is derived merely from some object, present to the memory or senses, and a customary conjunction between that and some other object." How, for example, do we come to believe that one thing causes another? Why is this important?

The invisible change in the news

David Weinberger

The first chapter of Dan Gillmor ‘s 2005 book, We the Media [ pdf ], is a terrific, brief history of journalism from the US Colonial era up through Sept. For example, he ends that first chapter with stories from Sept. This was novel enough that Dan presented it as worth listening to as a portent.

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Scaling the Heights of Language, its Learning, and its Teaching

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The example of a murmuration is an example of complexity. Algar 2005 p. Take their present system and mold it to a new context.

The Smart Worker : shares what s/he learns

Jane Hart

Tweet. The three previous posts in this series were: The Smart Worker : learns continuously with social media. Summary.

A man called Dad

Mind Hacks

An eye-opening 2005 paper estimated the number of children who are not the biological offspring of their presumed father. Togetherness

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The Shrinking Lump of Labor

Andy McAfee

Because the evidence, both past and present, is making me a skeptic value added), BLS (for employment). My guess is that their output-vs.-employment

Social Computing Guidelines and Why You Would Still Need Them

Luis Suarez

Let’s take, for example, Twitter. May 2005. . Really? Haven’t we learned much from the last 10 years or so? Bless them … .

Timing is Everything

Jay Cross

Right now your mind is looking to the past for viable solutions or monitoring present resources or scanning the future for new opportunities.

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

feature is something that makes a tool usable. ) For example, a wiki is a tool. These are examples of features. My folders. Your folders.

What Will Life Be Like in an AI Future?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

People have long argued about the future impact of technology.  What will life be like in such an AI future? What happens then?

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What blogging was

David Weinberger

For example, the blogosphere (remember when that was word?) as I knew it didn’t count LiveJournal as a blogging service, I think because it wasn’t “writerly” enough, and because of demographic differences that themselves reflect several other biases. Fellow Hours are private. No, this is not ironic.) Presence.

Patent Activity and the State of US Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

inventors of granted patents since 1976 and 82 percent since 2005.  Then last year, in a provocative paper, Is US economic growth over?

Blogs in Education

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Teachers have been using them to support teaching and learning since 2005. For example, the University of Calgary uses blogs to create learning communities. 2005). Lead by example. Teachers, also, should subscribe to student blogs and offer comments, again setting an example of the expected practice. 2005).

The Changing Nature of Globalization in Our Hyperconnected, Knowledge-Intensive Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In April, 2005, NY Times columnist Tom Friedman published The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Globalized World in the Twenty-first Century. 

Response to Dron

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Dron writes, "But I''m not so sure that, as presented here, it is a learning theory at all." In my essay Fairness and Democracy in Education , for example, I write, "The shape of the network that forms as a result of preferential attraction is the now-familiar hub-and-spoke network. Here''s his paper , which you may need to read first.

On the Three or Four Problems of Connectivism

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This listing does not include my work published in academic books (for example, ''The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning'', in Open Educational Resources: Innovation, Research and Practice , published this year by Athabasca University Press). Internally, we can appear to examples of self-organization.

The Passing of an Era

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Having sold its PC business to Lenovo  in 2005, IBM itself did not mark the occasion, and as far as I know, neither did Lenovo or the other companies still selling IBM PC’s.  gave my presentation on August 18 in the morning, right around the time that HP announced  that it was considering spinning off its PC business. 

Mass Collaboration Workshop, Day Two

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

(My presentation will appear separately) Collective Knowledge in Social Tagging Environments Joachim Kimmerle, KMRC Even though it is hard to find good definitions of knowledge, most psychologists would agree that knowledge is an internal mental representation of external environments. An example is social tagging networks. 2005).

Is a College Education Still Worth It?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Since 2005 the production of college graduates has once more accelerated and is reflected in a somewhat slower growth in the college wage premium.  .

The Future of Online Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Despite set-backs – for example, the lobbies by private corporations to prevent the deployment of municipal Wi-Fi – it is not unreasonable to expect that inexpensive wireless broadband will be ubiquitous in most populated areas. report from Gartner Consulting, for example, suggests that Windows Vista is collapsing under its own weight.

The Day SAP Ruined a Good Thing

Dan Pontefract

The group that was actually talking about and developing/delivering ‘social learning’ as early as 2005 was no more. It made it like a family.

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Education Technology Strategies - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

cost effective - wan''t our goal, our goal was access - 2005 - Lindsay & Good - simulations just as good or worse than traditional labs - remote labs were just as good or better than traditional - 2007 - Corter et. the Macbook, Android - web-based applications, eg. Are remote labs effective? The vessel of course is people like me, or you.

Why doesn’t management advance?

Steve Denning

Notorious examples include: The headline article, How To Fix Capitalism (HBR, January 2011). economy in the period from 1980 to 2005. Teams and the human factor” are presented as “the big new thing”, when the idea has been around for close to a century. b.      Old wine in new bottles. Hasn't this happened before? Syndrome.

Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent

Luis Suarez

View more presentations from John Woodworth. That’s right! An employee reconceived the service, adding better social features.

The TED of all Learning Conferences #LWF12

Dan Pontefract

As the title of this post suggests, I believe it truly is the TED of all Learning Conferences. Why am I so smitten over the quality of #LWF12 ? Kudos.

MOOC - The Resurgence of Community in Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In this presentation Stephen Downes addresses the question of how massive open online courses (MOOCs) will impact the future of distance education. The presentation considers in some detail the nature and purpose of a MOOC in contrast with traditional distance education. The meaning of words, for example, or the conjugation of verbs.

Strata Conference Wrap Up: Big Data, Big Opportunities

George Siemens

For example, most research projects begin with a hypothesis, followed by data collection and analysis. The internet and the web (in its web 2.0

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New Technology Supporting Informal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Squire, 2005) What most characterizes games and simulations is that they are not merely forms of instruction, they are environments, into which students must immerse themselves in order to participate. Aldrich, 2005) It is this feature, and not simply the action and the graphics, that motivates learners and draws them in. 2005).

Social Reputation in the Age of Globalization

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But then, the scandal went viral seemingly overnight and reached its current critical stage when early in July of 2011 it was revealed that the hacking extended to the phones of ordinary citizens, including a murdered school girl , relatives of deceased British soldiers and victims of the London bombings of July 7, 2005.  Second:  “.

Places and People that Use The No Asshole Rule

Bob Sutton

would reckon it of equal or greater worth than present value analysis, which I must have been taught a dozen times in the course of getting to a Ph.D.

Education Technology Strategies - Day Two

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Some things will be directive - we continue to work on math, for example. This is a great example of experiential learning. showing C)2 levels in a classroom in the UK (finding 4K ppm - concentration is impacted!) innovators of today") Q: are we looking at ways to. my grade 12 students last year built five apps. From 68%. core tenets.

Your character strengths

Jay Cross

You can achieve more success by fully leveraging your strengths than by shoring up your weaknesses. You’ll be happier. Do it. It works. 2007).

About Nancy White | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Frequent guest speaker and presenter. Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 About Nancy White Published by Nancy White Nancy J. Extensive work with “web 2.0” tools and approaches and community and instructional design.

Sustainability and MOOCs in Historical Perspective

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

But, a few preliminaries before I start the talk, because it's all about open education. :) This presentation is available now at that website. This is happening around the middle of 2005, 2006. It used to be all about presenting content. There are examples all around us of that kind of knowledge. Buenos Dias. Get it?

Full Circle Associates " Catch up strategies in online courses

Nancy White

She was essentially asking, how do we catch up when we are lost or left behind in an online learning course/class/workshop? What else? koe Nancy!

Catch up strategies in online courses | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

She was essentially asking, how do we catch up when we are lost or left behind in an online learning course/class/workshop? What else? koe Nancy!