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Remote Sex: the perfect Valentine’s Day present

Ross Dawson

I did many Valentine’s Day interviews back in 2003 and 2004, talking about proximity dating , one way in which technology is changing how we connect romantically. Our online magazine explores this fascinating aspect of the intersection of technology and society. Further information on remote sex: [link]. link]. link].

An Amazing Story About a Certified Asshole on This American Life.

Bob Sutton

Erving Goffman: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. As regular readers of Work Matters know, since I published The No Asshole Rule in 2007 (or really, since I published a short essay on the rule  in Harvard Business Review in 2004) I have since been deluged with stories about certified assholes of every stripe. Bob Sutton.

PKM Workshop 2013

Harold Jarche

My own journey with personal knowledge management began in 2004. Or you could take a workshop to kick-start your learning.

PKM 89

Shared thoughts

Harold Jarche

Tweet Over the years I’ve written a fair number of words on this blog, starting in 2004. View more presentations from Harold Jarche.

Please tell me about your PKM

Harold Jarche

Jon and his wirearchy framework have been an integral part of my views on the network era workplace since 2004. With whom do you learn?

PKM 125

Google+ and the Unsettled World of Social Media

Andy McAfee

View more presentations from Ross Mayfield. Like apparently all other tech geeks, I’ve been playing with Google Plus for the past week.

Reflections on the early days of social networking as LinkedIn reaches 100 million users

Ross Dawson

From there, Friendster was founded in 2002, LinkedIn and MySpace in 2003, and Facebook in 2004. In February 2004, the same month that Facebook launched, I gave a presentation on The Rise of Social Networking Technologies (incidentally the second presentation ever at the Innovation Bay network). Some have flourished.

Analysis and Support of MOOCs

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

My contributions to the Network Learning 'Hot Seat' addressing the question, "How do we analyse and support the networked interactions of thousands of people learning together?" View the whole discussion here. # # # These are two very different questions and I'm not sure it's useful (or even appropriate) to ask them together. Gibson. No it isn't.

my pkm story

Harold Jarche

I started down the path of personal knowledge mastery in 2004, inspired by Dave Pollard , Denham Gray , and others. “To Early Tools. 2013.

PKM 121

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Larry's magic numbers - bite.

Martijn Linssen

from 2004 to 2009 SAP revenue grew 42.7% from 2004 to 2009 Oracle revenue grew 128.4% over 2004 to 2009 SAP has an average profit% of 25.7%

The race to platform education

George Siemens

I guess that’s why Facebook is now bigger than the web was in 2004. When I was at the Strata conference in February, I was surprised at who wasn’t there in any substantial way – Yahoo, Google, Microsoft (they did present on Azure, but their presence was minimal). More on that in a bit. Who ruled? Amazon. So, AWS.

Scaling the Heights of Language, its Learning, and its Teaching

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Goldberg (2004) L1 - mothers (% of tokens) proportional to children (% of tokens). Take their present system and mold it to a new context.

Transparency is the new objectivity

David Weinberger

That’s what I meant when, during a bloggers press conference at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I asked Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Walter Mears whom he was supporting for president. Transparency gives the reader information by which she can undo some of the unintended effects of the ever-present biases.

Report 107

Buzzword: Micro-learning


As a term, “micro-learning” has been around since about 2004, when it was put forward in a PhD thesis by Gerhard Gassler.

RSS 71

Connectivism: Special IRRODL issue

George Siemens

In 2004, connectivism was presented as a new theory of learning that addresses learning in complex, social, networked environments. Sometime last year, Grainne Conole and I managed to convince Terry Anderson to issue a call for papers for a special IRRODL issue on connectivism.

Non-Research Citations in the Siemens Research Study

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

2004). A meta-analysis on the effects of computer-presented feedback on learning from computer-based instruction. Defending himself against my criticism of his recently released research study on distance and online learning, George Siemens tweets: Au contraire mon frère. Life with alacrity: Tracing the evolution of social software.

Becoming MOOC

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Siemens, 2004) What, then, would promote learner efficacy even in chaotic or noisy environments? But this is exactly what we face when we attempt to extend our learning from the eternal present and into the vanishing past or future. 2004, December 12). There are two types of MOOCs. Not everyone is a part of the network.

What blogging was

David Weinberger

At the turn of the millennium there was no MySpace (2003) and no Facebook (2004). That often made the tone more conversational and lowered the demand that one present the final word on some topic. At a recent Fellows Hour at the Berkman Center the topic was something like “Whatever happened to blogging?,” Presence.

My Watershed Moments

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

That learning isn't saying the right thing or presenting the right content. These are my own, and I'll use the same categories they do.

A Growing Backlash Against the Relentless Advances in Technology?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

At IBM I was VP of Innovation and Strategy from 2004 until my retirement in May of 2007. I looked forward to the article.


David Weinberger

As a PR guy, I was awestruck by the skill of the presentation. I was there. That part of the pitch left me unconvinced. Fun.). Thank you!

Reinventing Management: Part 4: Coordination: From bureaucracy to.

Steve Denning

Work is presented to the client or customer proxy at the end of the process of iterations, so that the team doing the work can experience the reaction.

Is Connectivism a Broad Family of Ideas?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

So we are presented with two choices: either connectivism is a "broad family of ideas" or it is a "single cohesive theory of learning." George gave a name to something we were both working on prior to December, 2004, and demonstrably so. I reserve the right to look at the rest of his work in reverse order as well. That''s science.

Site Redesign

Harold Jarche March 2004. This past week, Chris Mackay at Tantramar Interactive has been advising me on how to present a more professional website.

The postmortem portraits of Phineas Gage

Mind Hacks

His story has been better told elsewhere but the interest has not died – studies on Gage’s injury have continued to the present day.

Study 49

Meaning and truth

Dave Snowden

However the use of the technique during formal presentations could be useful, especially if points lead to prizes. Reflections

RSS 68

Free-agents and enlightened despots

Harold Jarche

Tweet A recent NYT article on The Auteur vs. The Committee compares Apple and Google, describing Steve Jobs as an “auteur&# : Two years ago, the technology blogger John Gruber presented a talk , “The Auteur Theory of Design,” at the Macworld Expo. And just simply making decisions, one after another, can be a form of art.”.

Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four

Martijn Linssen

Presentation and content hardly ever go along 2010-2020: The Great Divide Twitter, just show us the algorithm - please? Business or Pleasure? -

Now Is the Time for India to Democratize Learning

Jay Cross

More information has been created in the three days I have been in Delhi than in the sweep of human history from the dawn of civilization until 2004.

Boil on

Doc Searls

Saw Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold yesterday*. Super Size Me , Spurlock’s hit from 2004, made almost that much on its opening day in May of that year, and passed $11.5 That’s why I prefer Spurlock ‘s movies to Michael Moore ‘s movies. I just found it, so now I’ll finish it.

UX Week Keynote Speaker Ken Jennings on Maps and Design

Adaptive Path

back in 2004, he was a humble software engineer from Salt Lake City. When Ken Jennings stepped onto the stage of the game show Jeopardy!

Why doesn’t management advance?

Steve Denning

Teams and the human factor” are presented as “the big new thing”, when the idea has been around for close to a century. Thus when my own article, “Telling Tales”, was published HBR in May 2004, it was also shorn of any reference of prior writing on the subject, mine or anyone else’s.) Hasn't this happened before? What am I missing?”.

The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Presented to the Best Practices in Upgrading Online,Calgary, via Adobe Connect, March 29, 2011 The very first thing I want to do is to counter thedisclaimer that frightened me as this session opened, it was very loud, andsaid all kinds of things about how this was all private and cannot be shared.You can share this presentation all you want.

Letter from the mental states of America

Mind Hacks

Alistair Cooke presented the longest running radio show in history. It ran for just shy of 58 years. Link : TV Violence – 13 April 1986.

Reinventing Management: Part 5: From value to values

Steve Denning

Trust, honesty, diversity, and caring for the environment are obviously important and have also been present in traditional management. 76–77.

Knowledge as Recognition

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

And "Thus it appears, that the belief or assent, which always attends the memory and senses, is nothing but the vivacity of those perceptions they present." We see our child''s face every day, and we don''t describe it to ourselves, we simply come to recognize this particular collection of features as it is presented to us every day.

A New Style of Work

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Tom himself made such a transition when in 2004 he left his position as the Silicon Valley reporter for the Financial Times to found Silicon Valley Watcher , one of the first journalists to leave a position with a major newspapers to make a living as a journalist blogger. In some ways, this is the way Hollywood has been working for decades.

Business Problems, Trust and Values

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The scandal has already derailed their planned takeover of British Sky Broadcasting , led to the shutdown of News of the World , caused the resignation of a number of senior executives and the arrest of a few present and former News Corp employees. Solid financials are necessary but not sufficient. What should the company then do?

Dated best practices

Jay Cross

This appeared on SRI-Business Consulting’s Learning on Demand page in April 2004. ELEARNING BEST PRACTICES SUMMARY. Learning. Strategy. Create.

From Trash Cans to Nokia: Is Creativity Innovation?

Steve Denning

In 2004, researchers at Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone company, presented a prototype of a new kind of mobile phone to the senior management. No, it’s not, although the two are often confused. Inventions from the trash can. Total cost: about $300 i.e. a fraction of the $10,000 commercial book scanners that are on the market.