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No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment

Martijn Linssen

And there are more who say so But, my main question is: what if youre driving an Agile car and it breaks down? Business or Pleasure? - Wrong.

Strategy & Business Lists Hard Facts Among Decade's 10 Most.

Bob Sutton

Learning to listen to others and to ask smart questions is more important. is not a very useful question. Strategy and Business just released a list of the 10 "most significant books" published between 2001 and 2010.  Bob Sutton. About Subscribe to this blogs feed Email Me Follow Me @ work_matters. Search. Again?

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Catch up strategies in online courses | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I remembered your question and wondered … what if we could have an audio feed on a site? Here is a snippet to get us started. What else?

The Great Decoupling of the US Economy

Andy McAfee

By the time of the 2001 recession, median income was lagging behind pretty badly. So how have we actually been doing in the US?

Great Question From Peter Block’s Presentation at Nexus2 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Look at the questions that are part of this “path.&# They are great. I did not want to forget them. I want to USE them. or someone else?

A theoretical model for PKM

Harold Jarche

Ricky) Cheong asked the following research questions: RQ1: What are the roles of PKM in the Knowledge Management Process? 264). (1) Cheong.

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Adaptive Path: Where We’re Going Next

Adaptive Path

Something that, even when you explain it, comes across as vague and abstract, and of questionable value. They ask good questions.

Design 154

Great Question From Peter Block’s Presentation at Nexus2 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Look at the questions that are part of this “path.&# They are great. I did not want to forget them. I want to USE them. or someone else?

Ya, I Cry at Work. Do You?

Dan Pontefract

2001 – I had to let someone go while working at BCIT. Last Friday night, I sat down at home with the family to watch a film. Do you cry at work?

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Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

I have 9,000 followers who provide feedback or answer my questions. Since 2001, I’ve posted 32,000 photographs. Friends. Books.

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What Should We Think of Machines that Think?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Clarke’s , - author of 2001: A Space Odyssey , - most memorable quotes. as its annual question. but it is proliferating like mad.”

Is the Link Now Broken Between Innovation, Jobs and a Higher Standard of Living?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last week I wrote about innovation in the digital economy and some of the puzzling questions we are now wrestling with. in the US and 30.5

What Peer Progressives Really Believe

Steven Berlin Johnson

The deep roots of the idea date back to reading Jane Jacobs on the “organized complexity” of the city in my twenties, which ultimately led to my arguments for decentralization in my 2001 book Emergence. It’s simply a question of emphasis. I would be surprised if Morozov doesn’t feel that way himself. Peer progressives are no different.

Digital Technologies for 21st Century Democracy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The Club de Madrid is an independent, non-profit organization of 80 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from 56 different countries founded in 2001. For example, the plenary panel I was part of included Olusegun Obasanjo , President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 and Alejandro Toledo , President of Peru from 2001 to 2006.

My New Cheese – Lead Social Business Enabler for IBM’s w3 and www Connections

Luis Suarez

Both extremes are always disruptive enough to make you question your entire career and what you would want to do with your work / personal life next.

IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise

Luis Suarez

A journey that started back in 2001, but that it had its main roots well substantiated within the company for much longer. Are we there yet?

ROI 137

Why People Leave Organizations

Kevin Wheeler

The question we all grapple with is why? While this article cannot hope to answer these questions in any detail, let’s take a quick look at the subject and see what we find. So the question becomes what are the real reasons people leave and what can employers do about it? Why do people stay at a company or leave?

Introducing Future Perfect

Steven Berlin Johnson

In the spring of 2001, I was finishing up the final chapter of my second book, Emergence: The Connected Lives Of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software. Emergence was not explicitly a book about politics or social movements, but I wanted to end it with a hint of those possibilities. That is the iconography of an earlier model of protest. Books

Holiday Chocolate Fudge Time | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

gminks on 20 Dec 2009 at 1:54 pm I have a question! This is the recipe my family has been making for the holidays FOREVER! Put in large kettle.

Elvis in potato chip neuroscience

Mind Hacks

2001), thereby addressing the question of what neurocognitive architecture is necessary to see a potato chip not just as a tasty snack but as the embodiment of Elvis. A new study just published in Cerebral Cortex on the neuroscience on how we see meaningful information in unpatterned visual scenes, seems a little fixated on Elvis.

Study 13

4 Meta Skills for Learning Professionals | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Some of the skills that support self awareness are reflection, ability to ask great questions, listening, and seeking the feedback of others.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Dissertation: The Effective Integration of Digital Games and Learning Content by M.P.J. Habgood

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Kindle.The Universal Textbook? books futures Web 2.0

CoP Series #3: Community – without people? | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

These questions might give you pause – and for good reason, but lets also look at the benefits of community. Or worse… nothing!

Rejected: On being disappointed, sorta

George Siemens

During a similar time frame, rapid development of mobile technologies (Murphy & Meeker, 2011), the semantic web (Berners-Lee, Hendler, & Lassila, 2001), and new tools for data collection and analysis due to information abundance (Mayer, 2009) have increased the presence of digital technologies in classrooms and online learning.

Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All

Luis Suarez

Twitter API new rules: That have crashed most of my favourite Twitter clients user experiences and no questions asked! Even for us. Till 2007.

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Social Business, Where Do You Stand?

Luis Suarez

Muhammad Yunus ), since things are not going much better either in that space, as the true intentions from most organizations are starting to show up.

Beyond Free ? Open Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Diana Laurillard actually answers the question in the same talk, the same paper, in which she proposes. Let''s turn the question around.

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

Ross Dawson

Each firm must ask a number of strategic questions that will enable it to establish and implement a clear strategy. Define your space. Acquire.

Ask Idealware: Solutions for Tagging and Archiving a Discussion List | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

It was a great question so I happily shot off an answer in email. They pair this with a wiki (using Mediawiki ) on their server where they collect “community knowledge&# The community practice is whomever asks the question, collects the answers then summarizes them on a wiki page. Finally, I have to ask the hard question.

Open Business – From Adoption into Adaptation

Luis Suarez

And this is the best part, frankly, I am not really too sure we are ready for it just yet. In fact, quite the opposite. Social Business Mandates.

The Future of AI: a Ubiquitous, Invisible, Smart Utility

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This is indeed a fascinating research question. What should we expect from this new generation of AI machines and applications? or chess.

Using Social Media Internationally: How Not To Get Lost in Translation

Beth Kanter

You have to send messages out but also answer questions and be there for your audience when they want to talk to you. Flickr Photo by John K.

Foradian Technologies Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Questions 1. Since 2001 at NRC I have worked on learning object standards and repositories, content recommender systems, collaborative content authoring technology, and massive open online courses (MOOCs). Please introduce yourself to our readers. I specialized on online learning, media and collaborative technologies.

ePublishing business models

David Weinberger

The National Academies does about 200 reports a year, the result of studies by about 20 experts focused on some question. In 2001, they did an experiment: When people were buying a book, they were offered a download of a PDF for 80% of the price, then 60%, then 40%, then for free. This is the second day of the conference. They get 1.4M

eBook 40

Some Thoughts on the Affordable Care Act

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In his entry, John asks two basic questions: do we need the ACA?; As we all know, the ACA has had a rough start. and, should it be repealed?

Vale Joe Miller

Clark Quinn

He fought to give us the space and the resources, and asked the tough questions to make sure we were focused. We got a working version up and running before the 2001 crash. This is a name you’re not likely to know, but I can’t let his passing go without comment. I was brought on board to lead the latter initiative.

The Rise of MOOCs

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responses to interview questions posed by Kevin Charles Redmon, Independent Journalist and Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism 1. There is a full set of IMS test question and interoperability specifications. There is even essay-marking software - Wired covered it in 2001 [link] (my coverage [link] ).

Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality

Luis Suarez

Hummm, questions, questions. Yes, indeed, folks, it looks like my Hippie 2.0 Thus how do you get to compromise? Should you? side, right?

Workplace learning in ten years

Harold Jarche

The LCB Big Question for March is, What will workplace learning look like in 10 years? I switched to a Handspring (Palm) in 2001.

Don’t Blame Green For GE’s Problems

Steve Denning

We played business like it was a sport,” Welch said of his philosophy heading up GE from 1981 to 2001. The question is: what kind? The question is how to achieve that kind of profitability. As reported by the Tulsa World , Welch said, “If it doesn’t turn green into green, it doesn’t turn out to be a helluva good business.

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