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No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment

Martijn Linssen

Presentation and content hardly ever go along 2010-2020: The Great Divide Twitter, just show us the algorithm - please? knowledge lock-in.

Strategy & Business Lists Hard Facts Among Decade's 10 Most.

Bob Sutton

Erving Goffman: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. Strategy and Business just released a list of the 10 "most significant books" published between 2001 and 2010.  Bob Sutton. About Subscribe to this blogs feed Email Me Follow Me @ work_matters. Book Me For A Speech. Brightsight Group. Search. Again? Sutton.

List 28

When was the last time you received a love poem from your car.

Dan Pink

Back in 2001, McCarthy bought a green Honda Civic Ex from a local dealership. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Video. Drive.

A theoretical model for PKM

Harold Jarche

2001) defined PKM as an overall structured process for intentionally managing information and turning it into useful knowledge. Cheong. Cheong.

PKM 87

Non-Research Citations in the Siemens Research Study

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

meta-analysis on the effects of computer-presented feedback on learning from computer-based instruction. 2001). 2001). 2001). Defending himself against my criticism of his recently released research study on distance and online learning, George Siemens tweets: Au contraire mon frère. 2004). 2011). 2013). Sloan Consortium.

Where I’m coming from

Jay Cross

Here’s how I saw it in 2001: PEOPLE. These are my core beliefs about how to get along in the world. Perception is reality. Placebos work.


Jay Cross

For example, here’s my report on Elliott’s TechLearn 2001. And here’s my review of Online Learning 2001. Tin Can.

The 9 kinds of context that will define contextual search

Ross Dawson

Yesterday I did the kick-off presentation and workshop at a strategy planning session of a major online media company. Individual. Location.

Is Impulsivity a Bad Thing?

Eide Neurolearning

Answer - it depends. The test involve college students who were administered a personality test that estimated trait-impulsivity.

The Back Channel and the Rule of Threes

Jay Cross

Think of an event — a workshop, a class, a meeting, or a presentation. For example, here’s my take on TechLearn 2001. Middle.

Building success in the future of work: T-shaped, Pi-shaped, and Comb-shaped skills

Ross Dawson

This morning we completed the five-city Tomorrow-Ready CIO event series , run by CIO magazine and sponsored by IBM. There is then a balance to strike.

Adaptive Path Turns 10

Adaptive Path

It’s not often you get to be present at the birth of an industry. Ten years ago, March 2, 2001, when we launched Adaptive Path, organizations had at most one UX person, and often none. We freely gave away our workshop presentation material. Now, thousands of companies have UX teams. Why are you training your competition?

Why People Leave Organizations

Kevin Wheeler

Professor David Finegold and Senior Research Scientist Susan Mohrman, at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California presented a paper in the Spring of 2001 at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland entitled: What Do Employees Really Want? The question we all grapple with is why? Send to Facebook.

Visual thinking and being funny | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

And  hopefully this will all tweak us to think about our slide decks! It’s a pity more PowerPoints couldn’t be this entertaining.

Rejected: On being disappointed, sorta

George Siemens

Over the last few months I engaged in various Skype interviews with HR and was finally short-listed as one of 3 visitors to Royal Roads for an on-campus presentation, meeting with faculty, and such. find conference presentations, blogging, open courses, and interactions online much more satisfying. 2001, May 17). Research Plan.

Social Business, Where Do You Stand?

Luis Suarez

Muhammad Yunus ), since things are not going much better either in that space, as the true intentions from most organizations are starting to show up.

What blogging was

David Weinberger

15, 2001 that I began in earnest (blogging every day for twelve years counts as earnest, right?), That often made the tone more conversational and lowered the demand that one present the final word on some topic. At a recent Fellows Hour at the Berkman Center the topic was something like “Whatever happened to blogging?,”

Beyond Free ? Open Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Self-archiving''s time," wrote Harnad in a later presentation (Harnad, 2001) "has yet to come 20 years later." 2001, February 23).

Foradian Technologies Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

While a course was traditionally thought of as a series of presentment facts, like a book, in today’s online environment the design of a course is much more like the design of an environment (to follow on the previous analogy, it is like designing a gym or exercise facility. Questions 1. Why connectivism made our education more elaborative?

Using Social Media Internationally: How Not To Get Lost in Translation

Beth Kanter

Do you ever write a social media update in formal language, the same as you might use in a report or presentation? Flickr Photo by John K.

A temporary blindness during a wrongful conviction

Mind Hacks

On 26 April 1999, Jill Dando, the presenter of BBC programme Crimewatch , was shot dead outside her home in Fulham, London. Integrating

A radiant light and an aura of activity

Mind Hacks

It turns out to be trickier than it seems. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work very reliably. Inside the Brain

Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent

Luis Suarez

View more presentations from John Woodworth. That’s right! An employee reconceived the service, adding better social features.

Workplace learning in ten years

Harold Jarche

switched to  a Handspring (Palm) in 2001. I had high-speed Internet access at work ( a university) but not at home until 2003.

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

Ross Dawson

You can also download the complete Chapter 7 on The Flow Economy from the book website. Strategic positioning in the flow economy. Reposition. 1.

ePublishing business models

David Weinberger

E.g., that humans are responsible for climate change is not in doubt, should not be presented as if it were in doubt, and should not be crowd-sourced, he says. In 2001, they did an experiment: When people were buying a book, they were offered a download of a PDF for 80% of the price, then 60%, then 40%, then for free. Missing points.

eBook 32

Make the World Better (Ask If Anyone Minds Later) by Dr. Pamela Gay

Luis Suarez

love the Internet. hope that never happens. No matter what. heart social networking. always have. Good practice. Our world: .  . Starting today!

Chip Conley's Emotional Equations: A Leadership Self-help Book You Will Love (Even If You Hate Self-help Books)

Bob Sutton

" Chip then presents a series of simply emotional equations and associated stories and advice, things like. Despair = Suffering - meaning.

Class 22

Entrepreneurs are Iron Chefs, Managers are Swedish Chefs | Daniel.

Dan Pink

Expert entrepreneurs “…at their best when presented with…”??? “Presented with”? Dan Pink. Contact.

Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality

Luis Suarez

So I thought that today could be the perfect opportunity to air it out and, at long last, get it out of my chest. Thus how do you get to compromise?

The Linearity of Stephen Downes. Or a tale of two Stephens

George Siemens

have known Stephen since he did a keynote in Regina in 2001. I’ve followed his work since and have greatly valued his contributions to our field and his directness. Stephen Downes responds to my previous post : “I said, “the absence of a background in the field is glaring and obvious.” Stephen makes the following points: 1.

MOOC - The Resurgence of Community in Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In this presentation Stephen Downes addresses the question of how massive open online courses (MOOCs) will impact the future of distance education. The presentation considers in some detail the nature and purpose of a MOOC in contrast with traditional distance education. What is a MOOC? My own theory of education is minimal. It is old.

UX Week. Now Ten Times Stronger.

Adaptive Path

We started small, with a single two-day workshop in 2001 that we took on tour around the United States in 2002. From the beginning, we didn't want Adaptive Path to be just a consulting firm. That went so well we decided to tackle something a little bigger—and UX Week was born. Then there's the rest of our main stage lineup.

Facilitation Card Decks | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

have a stack of different card decks that have been created for various purposes that I use. First a disclaimer. Again, fun, funny and it works.

Tips 31

Tea intoxication

Mind Hacks

An interesting case study from a 2002 edition of The Lancet of a man who suffered paralysis from drinking too much Earl Grey tea owing to the toxic effects of huge doses of bergamot oil - taken from orange rind and used as flavour: A 44-year-old man presented in May, 2001, with muscle cramps. Link to DOI entry for the case study

Organizational Amnesia, Accountability Buddies, and Other Things I learned at the Grant Managers Network Conference

Beth Kanter

Organizational Amnesia. Unfortunately, organizational memory is short, and without a way to capture knowledge and  learning, they become lost.

Adaptive Path at SXSW 2011 – Please support our sessions!

Adaptive Path

And I’ve submitted a session, to be co-presented with Jesse, titled Adaptive Path and SXSW Interactive: 10 Great Years! March 2011 will mark our 10th anniversary, and our first public appearance as Adaptive Path was at SXSW 2001. Alexa, now CEO of Foodspotting, offers up The UX Driven Startup. See you in Austin!

About Nancy White | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Frequent guest speaker and presenter. Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 About Nancy White Published by Nancy White Nancy J. Extensive work with “web 2.0” tools and approaches and community and instructional design.

The Future of Online Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Tran, 2007) Portable, Personal, and Global The combination of portable and affordable computing devices, combined with widely available digital presentation tools, will make education genuinely personal and portable. That said, the presentation software market has divided itself roughly into two parts. gigahertz duo-core processor.

Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Facilitator Self-Awareness Online Facilitation: It’s Not Just for Geeks Anymore – Presentation at the 2001 International Association of Facilitators Conference. Looking for specific tips, tools and ideas? Start here. The following is a collection of articles that may help inform your work. Check it out. Let us know!